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    Walking Tank Concept


    I'm new here, and wanted to get some feedback on a little concept piece I made recently. I'm a freshman studying graphic design and illustration, and I'd like to get into concept art a little, even if I don't get into the concept art industry.

    Anyways, I'd just like some feedback on the design, as well as the presentation.


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    Presentation is fine, the guy for scale helps.
    The perspective and shading on the mech seems okay, but from what I gather the light source is in front/above-and-to-its-left (our right) which would shorten its shadow a bit, and the numbers on the side are backwards.
    but that's no big deal.

    The real thing that distracts me though is the way it's standing. Its center of balance is way off. The combination of it being top heavy, the lean of its side panels/front glacis armor, and its tiny feet give it this feeling like its struggling to not fall backwards.

    Consider tilting its chin forward when at rest or add some kind of "heels".

    Other things to think about is how it would have to stand in in order to fire that cannon. Can it be in motion when it shoots or must it be still?
    The shape of the turret makes me think it's driven not remote or AI.
    How does the guy get inside or climb to the cupola? Are there more than one crew members?

    hope that helps.

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    The presentation is good, I see no problem there. The design issue I could see is that the spindly legs and small feet might be awkward with a heavy cannon recoil. It depends on the context the design works in usually and this looks more on the naturalistic side.
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