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Thread: Hello to all...

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    Hello to all...

    I'm an artist interested in beginnings in conceptual art and developing my own stories into actual videogames.

    A bit about myselves...

    I currently am not in school although I'm trying to get into college in a hurry and hope to go into the fields of programming get a major in both the arts (drawing, painting, digital media... ect.) and programming.

    I am burned out on work and the constant need for overtime that I sometimes find it hard to get to a pencil and put my ideas on paper... but once I get the chance, no one could bother me even if they had a gun in my face and threatened to blow my head off... or even if Oprah tries to eat me... which ever comes first.

    I currently am using library computers for internet access but I plan on getting a computer of my own (that's worth a damn..) and I will try to post my artworks on the board.

    but thats enough about us... who be ye?

    ---The Crazy Dude Waz Here (6-14-04)---
    Beware, their are people even more crazy than I, and I think he's riding your lawnmower...

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    Hey there, You have a very similar personality type to myself. However, i feel that if the massive girth that is Oprah were to make an appearence i would huddle into a fetal position and whimper "twinkle twinkle little star"...
    ANYWAY... i wish to become a Conceptual Artist as well, and I also have programming experience(2 years of AP Computer Science, 1 in C++, the other in JAVA)...I'm currently a Junior In High School (atleast until the next 5 days... then SUMMER) and i've taken several "classic" art classes through my community college... I'm not sure how far i'll go because i'm kinda short on the dinero But if luck is with me i'll get past the hell hole that is college-loans... anyway, altough i do have my own computer, i have no scanner at the moment... so like you im scroungin up some chump change for slightly more technical artistic tools... Good luck to you Bro'
    Disclaimer: Unless otherwise stated, I have no idea what I'm talking about.

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