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    C.O.W. #241. cycloptic shark hunter. voting!

    C.O.W. #241 cycloptic shark hunter_Voting!



    Topic: cycloptic shark hunter

    Deadline for the voting: December 28th

    Requirements this week...

    - the creature must have only one eye.

    - it must be equal to, or smaller than a shark.

    - it must have some way of taking down sharks in its anatomy. Get creative!
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    C.O.W #241. cycloptic shark hunter

    The holidays are a'comin' so as much as I would like to spend more time on making the shark look a little less 'derpy' I cannot. I am pleased with the texturing though. I flipped it this week. Texturing the creature and solid-ish background.

    Artist: Something_Moore

    Concept: The Scythe Eel

    The Scythe Eel is an ambush predator due to it's inability to move very quickly. It hunts from below using an upright set of spines on its back with iridescent, fish shaped fins at the end to attract the attention of its fierce victims. The spines evolved to snap off easily and grow back, much like the tails of some lizards, or the arms of starfish, allowing the Eel to take non-fatal damage as it's victim thrashes about on the hooked chin as it dies. Also, the back of the creature is reinforced with thick scaly armor-another protective measure. It's singular, large eye sits on the top of its head so that it can scan the ocean above.The claw appendages near the mouth are used in feeding, since the Eel's hooked under-bite prevents it from eating normally.
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    Artist: Adrian Nagorski

    Concept: Carcharodon Hunter

    This creature enjoys following its prey, eventually going in for the kill by grabbing
    its target and biting it to death. Its body resembling a turtle
    attracts sharks to itself which makes hunting its prey easier, but its not all hopeless
    for the sharks, they have been know to take the Carcharodon down at times as well.

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    Concept: Red-Tiped Coral Snake
    The red-tiped coral snake lays dormant,submerged in coral reefs waiting for its prey,the shark its favorite is the tiger shark
    the coral snake lunges its tail at the shark injecting it with a paralyzing agent
    then unsheathes the the blade like things resembling sharpened coral on it under-belly and stabs into the shark cutting it into pieces then eating it
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    Artist: Lloydnewman

    Concept: Goliath Eel
    This nocturnal hunter is a member of the eel family. it lurks in the shadows waiting for its shark prey to swim past before ambushing and taking a poisonous bite out of its victim. As the heaviest species of eel, it is freakishly strong.

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    Artist: Azimuthium

    Concept: Carcharhinus Gladius

    Although Carcharhinus Gladius lives in groups, it hunts alone, its prey being large shark species. Storing huge amounts of energy acquired from the sea bed ooze, will achieve bursts of lightning speed movement. Restless predator with a sharp blade-like beak, it will easily put down schools of large sharks, ambushing, flanking and ripping apart.
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    Artist: Rob Powell

    Concept: Venacarpia carcarius

    This large crustacean is highly intelligent. It uses it's large mandibles to subdue it's favourite prey, sharks. Just one individual is capable of taking down a great white several times it's size. To top of it's already bizarre anatomy, this oversized shrimp has only one eye.
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    Artist: Ricardo Robles

    Concept: Stained Fin Eater

    Following the dramatic decrease in the shark populations on the Caribbean coast, the marine scientists have conducted some investigations that have revealed the existence of a new species of predator. The “Stained Fin Eater” seems to come from a weird devilfish evolution or mutation, to become extremely violent specie which apparently has only one visual receptor. Judging on the submarine recordings, this creature attacks directly to the shark´s dorsal fin and starts injecting some kind of poison that the SFE has on its tail tentacles before completely eat the prey. Seems like the very own physiognomy of this predators responds only to dorsal finned species hunting judging on their mouth shape.

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    Artist: Forgemaster

    Concept: Patrispolyphemos

    Excerpt from the official report of "Aquaria in the Bearded Sea"

    "The primitive seafaring dwarfs call these creatures patrispolyphemos, or the son of the famous, believing they are the offspring of one of their cyclopean gods of the sea. How absurd! The patrispolyphemos sit on reefs in large packs with a single feathery sensory appendage drifting in the distance. When the appendage is disturbed the creature inhales water deeply through its four orifaces on its midbody and stores the oxygen in two external lungs on either side of its sunken eye. When the prey draws nearer, the creatures deposit the lungs in a pressurized cone of oxygen as propulsion from the reef and begin to attack, their hind tentacles used as both a steering and secondary movement mechanism. The pack then imbeds themselves deep into the flesh of their prey using their large forepincers and inject the prey with an intense sodium based solution. Studies conducted have shown that obligate ram ventilators are the patrispolphemi only prey. Some of my colleagues believe that the sodium solution in such great quantities dehydrates the sharks before they are able to gleam oxygen form the water. Some of my colleagues are also imbeciles."

    -Joheim Strassenblassel. Registered Aquamancer

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    Artist: Sulk-Sal

    Concept: Leecher
    This creature is truly one sharks fear. It starts its hunt by spraying small clouds of blood taken from it's last hunt. Once the shark is in a blood frenzy it attacks and latches itself onto the shark with it's hooked legs, head and tail. There is no escape as the Leecher uses the many tiny mouths on it's "arms" to slowly eat the shark alive.

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    Artist: DefiledVisions

    Concept: Cycloptoclawfish

    Lives on shark blood. Attacks gills with claws and suffocates shark. Delish'

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    Artist: J-Sun

    Concept: Cycloptic Shark Stalker
    Until recently this mysterious creature of the deep was only rumored to exist. The Cycloptic Shark Stalker, as its name implies exclusively feeds on sharks, usually two to three times their size. Cycloptic Shark Stalkers live in groups of about a dozen and hunt exclusively as mated pairs. Typically each pair only feeds once every few weeks and there is a cyclical, hierarchical order of feeding. Pairs who are not in line to feed act as sentries and scouts for the other members of the group. The Stalkers have a single, very unusual eye that seems to have almost telescopic resolution. This unique sense of vision paired with an extraordinary sense of smell make these creatures highly adept at seeking out prey. Using their saber teeth and formidable claws, once they set their sights of their favorite shark prey, it is pretty much a done deal. Although fish-like, its distinctive singular eye, leathery hide, arms, grappling claws and saber-teeth have led leading ichthyologists to concede that "we don't know what it is".

    C.O.W. #241. cycloptic shark hunter. voting!
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    Artist: DPFX

    Concept: Cycloptic Shark Hunter
    Problems...problems...oh well. I'm sick and the deadline looms.

    This creature's body produces a toxic chum. Lured sharks become sluggish and disoriented by the substance, making them easy prey.
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    Artist: Dranyer

    Concept: the Jelly-fang
    this bizarre creature recently discovered by marine biologists in the shark infested waters near Australia has a very peculiar manner of feeding. when it's solitary eye spots a shark it's bioluminescent tendrils begin to emit specific frequencies of light which confuse the shark and when it comes to investigate it is temporarily stunned by a low level electric current that runs through those tendrils. then the jelly-fang clamps down on it's victims head and it's needle-like fangs inject a deadly neurotoxin directly into the shark's brain. the jelly-fang then spends the next week consuming the corpse.
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    Deadly Frog Fish

    Artist: Dr. DK Danmage

    Concept: Deadly Frog Fish
    The deadly frog fish normally reaches about 17 feet in length. It is known to jump from the ocean floor to catch unsuspecting sharks. The poison in the stingers paralyzes the shark, however it is still alive when it is swallowed whole. The sharks eventually die of starvation or suffocation inside the belly of the frog fish as it slowly digests them. The stomach of the frog fish can hold up to 6 sharks.

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