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Thread: advice on making a font?

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    advice on making a font?

    I'm having a rough time finding free font creation software. I tried "font creator" but it totally isn't free. The software is free but saving your files isn't. I tried a couple other freeware programs, but all they did was make bing my home page.

    Here is the font I spent too much of my day working on.
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    needs more refinement to say the least, you need more repitition with stroke thickness and letter width/height. Also the kerning needs a lot of work. I think it could do better with a more geometric or smooth look rather than something handrawn.
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    Concept is new and has lots of potential - it's so near. I'll just tell you what I like to see from a font and you might get some ideas from that. First of all, each letter needs to be clearly defined - no second guessing or doubt. A V should not look like a U, or a C look like a G. Secondly, I like letters that have a common base line. I don't mind if some letters are a bit taller, but it becomes a problem when they get too close to the lettering on the above line. I know that letters, like C, G, J, O, Q, S, and U, sometimes cross the limits, ever so slightly, to bring some weight to its base, and some height as well, to those that have a curved top, instead of floating on its curved edges top and bottom - its more psychological, but important. Thirdly, I like type that mostly have even positive and negative space within, and between, each letter combination. Sign-writers adjust letter spacing so that a word does not break up due to uneven spaces. From a distance, or by squinting, spacing can easily be critiqued. Hope this will help you.
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