I know that the anime style is looked down by many here, but I would still like to try.

I have been taking commissions since 2010 and have currently revamped my Terms of Service and commission samples, hoping for new commissions due to a client canceling on me without my knowledge for a manga project.

I am by no means as talented as the people here, but I have just as enough drive on top of juggling college studies.

My prices range from $6-$25+ for regular-priced personal commissions and $30-$110+ for private and explicit commissions.

I can draw: cute characters, chibi, handsome + lean men, humanized anthros and cartoon cartoons in my style (3 to choose from) and R-18 material like yaoi, yuri and hentai (just not scat, bestiality or any odd fetishes), cute old people and animals.

WILL NOT DRAW: Super-buff men, realism, scenery/buildings/animals without proper references

I am open for VISUAL NOVEL ARTWORK and MANGA PROJECTS if they have reasonable deadlines.

More info and samples can be found in my deviantART account.