My name is Francisco da Costa Nunes and I recently graduated in "VideoGames Design" at Norwich University College of Art (NUCA) in England and now living in London.Developing my portfolio and trying some techniques,but in a way im a bit lost in where to go with this art i just like to keep what i love doing.

Im showing here my blog and and some different styles that i been experimenting:
(sorry for the size of the pict,havent had time to rescale all of them)

fantasy sketch using pencil,pens,crayons and pencil:

this is a spaceship that i been developing for a graphic novel which you can see the progress at the link bellow,was made just with pencil and a multiply effect with contrast on photoshop:

trying to create movement and a diffent type of creature in the world of fantasy

this dragon was done with the same process of the previews image but painted as well with a photoshop costumesed brush

in this one,i love to draw environments but to paint it is complicated for me because i still dont know well the theory of colours so thats why i tried to do this image all with the same overlay colour

Hope you guys enjoy it! i love to show my work because i appreciate to receive opinions,of corse some that i receive arent constructive but in the middle there is what i need to get better in what i love doing.
To view my full blog check it here:

(i appologise for my bad english and bare with me because im new in forums)