Best Photo reference of the figure
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Thread: Best Photo reference of the figure

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    Best Photo reference of the figure

    I have been in search of good photo reference my whole professional career, and never had true success finding it. So i created a huge reference guide for artists to help them learn to grow and get better. it is called PoseBook by silver It works on the iPad, iPhone and it is coming to the android real soon too

    The purpose of this book is to provide you with images to inspire you. A book dedicated to help guide every artist, to learn about, construction, form, balance anatomy, proportion, folds in clothing, gesture, silhouettes, portraiture, lighting, hands, perspective, and contrast.

    With the images in the Posebook, you can sketch for the fun of it. Learn how to draw humans from the side view, back view, understand how the head tilts, how a body sits, understand the angles of a foot. You can study and draw the back of an ear, the underside of a nostril, the bottom of a shoe. Whatever you feel you need to practice, this is your chance. Flip to any page and start sketching what inspires you.

    I find that when I am struggling, or uninspired, what works for me is to find photos that look like fun to draw. So I set in motion the tools to create the pose book that I always wanted. With great dedication and passion, I bring to you a book to draw from, learn from, and have fun with. Don't feel that you need to copy the pose exactly, or use it to find just the right pose for a comic you are doing. Remember this book’s purpose is to provide you with inspiration. You can take it everywhere you go.

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