Long story short, I've just moved into my own place and there are a couple things I need to acquire for myself, among them being a scanner. Mostly I do pencil and pen artwork, often line art for photoshop, but I also use a fair amount of prismacolor artwork as well, so I need color and b&w, and I need to be able to fit at least 9x12, preferrably larger.

As far as system requirements go, I have a new Alienware m17 laptop running Windows 7, so Mac exclusives are useless to me. Program size and the like aren't an issue, I have plenty of space.

I looked around myself a bit, but I just don't know what I'm talking about when it comes to scanners nowadays and I want to be sure I end up with something I won't be disappointed in later. For instance, would a flat bed be more efficient than a feeder? How low of dpi is too low?

Thanks a lot in advance!