IOW #11: Flight to the Ford - Voting

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  • SubwayDoodle

    5 17.24%
  • Sean McClain

    13 44.83%
  • Mhugo

    15 51.72%
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    IOW #11: Flight to the Ford - Voting

    Voting for Illustration of the Week #11 - Flight to the Ford

    WIP thread can be found here.

    Remember to include two WIPs no larger than 375 pixels in the longest dimension. Full size WIPs has to be posted in the WIP thread.


    Remember to use the attachment manager.

    Deadline is Sunday 4th of December, 23:59 GMT

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    Here's mine...

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    Very nice topic

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    IOW #11: Flight to the Ford - Voting

    Poll is up, merry voting!

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    I think the IOW section needs more love. Maybe if I offer my humble crit others will do the same.

    SubwayDoodle I'm a fan of minimalistic work and I think that out of all the weekly activities on CA, IOW is the best place to do minimalistic stuff. However, I feel that your piece could have been even more minimal. Maybe try really cleaning up the edges of those silhouettes and have them stand out from the background more by increasing contrast and having the trees in one solid color only. The ground is a bit distracting for my taste, you could have incorporated foreground elements like branches or bushes in the lower half of your illustration instead. Also, you could have pushed the dynamism of you scene more, it's a chase after all. Keep working, I'd love to see more minimalistic stuff in here, maybe even something vector based.

    Sean McClain I like the composition of your piece the best ouf of the three, very dynamic. There could have been a little more space to the left to really indicate that there is something the rider is looking for/at. I haven't read the books and can't quite remember the movie (shame on me, I know), but I feel that your piece lacks a bit of the narrative of a flight/chase scene, compared to the other illustrations. I think what you're missing is an indication of the person being chased. The silhouette in the back is too calm, if that is supposed to be that person. The pose of the horse in the foreground is great, maybe have the rider be a bit more tense or agressive as well.

    Mhugo In your illustration, the narrative comes across better, but I think your composition could be improved a bit. For a flight/chase scene, maybe choose a more dynamic shot, something cinematic, from down below, with a tilted horizon/dutch angle. Try not "filming" dead on from the side but having the black riders and the white horse on different planes (foreground, middleground, background). Also, you could have shown the emotion (terror? relief? exhaustion?) on the face of the person more, if the camera was closer to him. I really like the horse in the left corner, great expression!

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