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    Sculpture Bust in Progress

    This is a practice head for me - I really needed practice with hair and creating more value in my sculpts. I also decided to practice with little bit of rock work by making ripples.

    Made with a mix of regular sculpey and sculpey firm.

    Can't wait to hear ya'll's critique!

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    It seems like you've relied on a lot of guesswork, especially regarding the facial anatomy. Some things that seem off to me...

    The distance between the nostrils and the eyes seems really long.

    The distance between the upper lip and the nose seems really short.

    The 'smile wrinkle' (forgot the anatomical name) shouldn't end in the middle of the nostril should blend above it. Also, the mouth shouldn't actually connect to it.

    The eyes seem a bit far apart.

    The ears are gigantic and really inaccurate.

    The non-human elements of the face, the bumps and ridges, seem really artificial. I think this is because they are uniformly sized and don't blend into the form, but rather seem stuck on.

    The ripples read more like cloth.

    I think you'd really be doing yourself a favor by utilizing reference.

    I hope this helps, and look forward to seeing your progress.
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    Thank you so much for the critique! I'm working on fixing the ears now, and hardening the edges of the water. Hopefully I'll have updates soon!

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    The ears are especially off, they're way too far back as well as being too big, and seem to be attached to her hair rather than her skull.

    Regarding the hair, I'm a bit unclear as to why most of it is flying like that, especially given that one section is hanging down like there's nothing happening. It can't be wind, given how heavy each bundle of hair is, and if she's moving her head I'd expect that to be reflected elsewhere. In both cases, the bit hanging down seems out of place.
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