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    Hurtin Unit Walking

    Try to time myself with most of it, faces gave myself 20 mins max. Some 1 to 2 min gestures in there as well and some more finished stuff im working on.

    Attachment 1377536

    Attachment 1377537

    Attachment 1377538

    Attachment 1377539

    Attachment 1377540

    Attachment 1377541

    Attachment 1377542

    Attachment 1377543

    Attachment 1377544

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    Attachment 1377548

    Attachment 1377550

    Not all my stuff but give ya a taste Wingal and all.

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    Cool stuff so far man, keep the good work up

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    good variation in studies so far

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    I like the last guy!!! Welcome on board

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    Welcome aboard! Not a bad start! heres a good gesture tool, it even has a timer! Looking forward to watching this sketchbook fleshout!
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    Nice job, it's not bad at all to study a variety of things at this stage. It all helps out in the end.

    Wingal gave you a good site for gestures, however I've used it quite often and the poses get repetitive. Also check out they take a bit of the same stock, but I think there are more male poses.

    Also, try starting off with about 10-20 thirty second poses (I do this very frequently aside from 1 min, 2 min and 5 min poses). I'd even go far as to say do about 15-25 15 second poses. Really push to trying to capture the essence of the pose quickly. Don't worry about making the anatomy even close to perfect. It's all about seeing the figure as one whole shape and not multiple parts.

    For these, I suggest using printer paper or newsprint (you'd use this for figure drawing sessions). I just use printer paper now instead of a sketchbook for most my traditional stuff... because it's so much less expensive. I still have a sketchbook, but that's if I decide to draw elsewhere.
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    AAHH! Dropped my Camera!

    Ahah dropped my camera on hardwood floor taking these from my sketchbook D:, still figuring out how to work the damn thing, but its still in one piece and working it seems. Thought i would update what i was on the go with have some things on the go that's not worth showing but here's some quick gestures, and train design sheet i'm working on to put into Maya. Excuse the quality of the pictures, my camera took super light pics.

    Rough sketches of my train design.

    Attachment 1399306

    Then here's me working on the final, still tons of work needed on her.

    Attachment 1399307

    and gestures.

    Attachment 1399309

    Attachment 1399315

    Attachment 1399317

    Attachment 1399318

    Attachment 1399319

    Attachment 1399320

    Attachment 1399321

    Attachment 1399322

    Thanks all, leave the feedback! and will update when i get some more stuff finished. Peace!

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