I've been looking around online for a few weeks now, and I have been unable to find a suitable scanner that fits my needs at a budget.
The sketchbook I use is 14" * 17". I looked around and quickly realized that no flatbed scanner that I could afford could handle that. I started looking around for sheetfed scanners, and am now having a hard time finding one. I know there are suitable scanners out there. All it needs to be able to do is scan documents at least 14" wide (which I've seen) AND at least 17" long (which I've also seen). For some reason, I've been finding a lot of or's. I'll find one that can scan 14" wide, but only scans 11" long, or can scan 17" wide but only 8.5" wide. Its pissing me off. Does anyone know where I can find a scanner that will work, or a site that lists scanners by scan dimensions? That would be so very helpful.

Before anyone says, "You can just scan it in pieces then assemble it on the computer". Yes, I know this. I've been doing it. It works fine if I only scan in completed pieces. I don't. I scan in all my stuff, so I can get critique and advice from other artists, as I've been advised to. It takes for FUCKING EVER. I've got about fifty pages (and counting) to scan. That's 200 scans (my scanner is 11" * 8.5", so I have to scan four times to get the entire sheet). Then that's 200 .jpegs I have convert to greyscale and then levels adjust (because auto level sucks). Then 200 pages I have to rearrange into 50 completed pages. Just for a couple seconds, imagine how incredibly long that will take. Then, every time I get a new sheet, I gotta start all over.
What I'm doing now just can't go on. There has to be a scanner out there that I an afford. I implore you CA, with your collective knowledge, at least a couple people have to have heard of a scanner like this.