Greetings all,

I am currently in the process of modifying my game art portfolio in hopes of landing a job in my field. After posting some of my older work on Polycount and PennyArcade, the feedback I received was as follows:

- I have a weak overall presentation.
- I have "incredibly weak" texture work
- The way the textures are displayed on my website is "disorienting"
- My portfolio pieces require better global illumination
- I should work from other artists' concepts, not my own
- I need to use references and watch more tutorial videos

So with all of this in mind, I've been working on some new models that are in need of some critiquing. I need to know what appears to work well, what doesn't, which areas I need to improve in, and what I can do to make my work the best that it can be. This first one is not a creature of my own design - it was drawn by a friend who specializes in 2D character art. For the time being I'm going to focus mainly on improving my textures and lighting. I've purchased a subscription to and have been watching/reading a ton of tutorials.

This creature was modeled in Maya and the textures were generated using Zbrush and Photoshop. He's 2914 Tris, and not rigged yet.