Sc. Illustration (PART II)
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    Sc. Illustration (PART II)

    This can be considered as a 2nd part of ...I'm posting this time to ask again for your observations and critic over a couple more sc. illustration works I did this year.

    Once again, the butterflies were done with a mixed water-based technique, from both good quality pictures and borrowed dried specimens; the corions (egg/embryo coverture) were done with pencil on paper (photoshop re-touched), based on observations and photos from the microscope and aditional provided data, mostly about the axes and ribs count for each species, as well as their measures; sometimes the scale wasn't correctly calibrated, wich later made a pain in the ass to correct the numbers. The koalas and wild cats were done just with watercolour: no acrylic/solid colour was put on these, but only transparent layers with very fine brush strokes; the wild cats were done from pictures, data and corrections provided by the specialist; the koalas were commissioned as a surpise gift for someone else, so I had to make the research by myself (haven't heard any more news of how did it went).

    Might post some non sc. works sometime soon.
    Thanks in advance for you time.

    Name:  Morpho theseus utae (HOLOTYPE).jpg
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    Name:  morpho 0.jpg
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    Name:  Morpho theseus.jpg
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    Name:  Morpho theseus (neoescalantei-utae).jpg
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    Name:  Speyeria melaena - Ithomiidae.jpg
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    Name:  corion.jpg
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    Name:  Dismorphia eunoe.jpg
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    Name:  Leptophobia sp. 1 (ABD-185).jpg
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    Name:  Lamina (corion) II.jpg
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    Name:  Lamina (corion) I.jpg
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    Name:  Itaballia sp.1 (micropil).jpg
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    Name:  Wild cats of Mexico (CHART) [SHARE].jpg
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    Name:  Tigrillo.jpg
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    Name:  Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) [pencil] [SHARE].jpg
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    Name:  Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus) [SHARE].jpg
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    ...PLUS: some pics of surely the most valuable specimen of my own collection: Ornithoptera paradisea arfakensis ♂ (Indonesia) VII-2009

    Name:  Ornithoptera paradisea (arfakensis) MALE I.jpg
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    Name:  Ornithoptera paradisea (arfakensis) MALE [on spreading board].jpg
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    Name:  Ornithoptera paradisea (arfakensis) MALE II.jpg
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    Thanks for watching.
    Name:  129888284123.jpg
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    Butterflies and other invertebrates are done competently. Watch out for the texture: you've got a lot of "incidental" texture from the brush and pencil strokes showing, where it would be better to mimic the texture of the butterfly wings or hide the drawing tool's presence.

    As for the mammals, that's where the flatness of drawing really shows. They look like cardboard cutouts, not like round bodies they really are.

    Part of it is due to subtle mistakes in perspective and structure (very noticeable in the felines' eyes placement).

    Part of it is due to not discerning between the texture of fur and the lit form patterns when (apparently) working from photos. You treat shadows, clump tracks and fur color as equally significant, when you shouldn't. With scientific illustration, I think, you should focus on the coat color first, then shadows, and incidental fur texture last.

    Practice more life drawing to learn to read photos better.

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    I agree with arenhaus, and though I really like some of the butterflies and the tigrrillo, some of the animals look really shoddy and bad quality in comparison (both in anatomy, colour and rendering), specifically the puma and jaguarundi. It seems like if you don't have any markings in the animal, you start to have trouble with the colouring and rendering.

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