Hey guys,
I'm doing this research for a module in uni about creating environment concept art for game pre-production/production stages. (not sure myself)
To be fair, I'm a bit lost, because I'm not really sure how to categorise them. So far I have the content (Sci-fi; Fantasy; Realistic), content type? (architecture, natural (outer psace perhaps?)), (daylight, night time), (Hot, cold, wet, dry), budget (low, medium, high) and maybe media (markers, pencil sketches, digital sketches, digital painting)
I'm just confusing myself with this.

Another thing is how polished should the pieces be if they are created for further development by the team - modellers, level designers etc.
Are marker drawings enaugh for an architectural piece and so on...

Any additional info on processes of creating environment concept art would be extremely helpful : o

Yeah I re-posted this in another forum section