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    CalArts or The Animation Workshop

    Hey, I'm a wannabe animator and I was wondering which school I should try to enter? I live in Scandinavia so The Animation Workshop (Denmark) lies closer to me (although I would still need to move to another country), but I heard it's best to go CalArts, that you're more likely to get a job in the industry if you make friends and connections with people there, because people are more likely to hire someone that they know. I know many animators who have their own shows went there (The creators of Flapjack, PPG, My Life as a Teenage Robot, etc.). I can't think of any significant people who studied at The Animation Workshop, I don't know if it's worth studying there if you can't get hired.

    Not that I'm saying I'm good enough to enter CalArts (I know it's hard to get in), I'm just wondering what you think.

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    Its a no brainer.. Cal Arts.. is the best choice.. Cal arts its basically Disney's college for Artists, tons of people from there get recruited by Disney, yeah, that good they are.. haha... whats the animation workshop anyways? never heard of it..
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    If I could, I'd choose CalArts because that school has so much connection in the animation industry. First off, it's based right in California, where Disney and Pixar studios are. Secondly, it pumps out many talented graduates competing for their spot in the industry. Through this, thirdly, CalArts graduates have strong connections with their colleagues and talented instructors working in the industry who could ultimately help each other out getting jobs and stuff.

    But you'll have to pay a pretty price to actually study at CalArts (besides making it in). It's definitely not a cheap school, and for international students, the price is probably two or three times heavier than U.S students. It's probably tougher for international students to get in, however, CalArts only judge you solely on your portfolio, not your SAT scores and whatnot, so if the school thinks you have what it takes, they'll take you in out of all the 1000+ students who apply each year.

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    Yeah, if you can get in and afford it, go to CalArts. In addition to the things mentioned above, it's much easier to get permission to work in the U.S. if you've gone to a U.S. college, and that's a big advantage for an animator.

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