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Thread: Difference between fine arts and studio art? Between conceptual and representative?

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    Difference between fine arts and studio art? Between conceptual and representative?

    What's the difference between fine and studio art?
    And the difference between conceptual, perceptual, and representative/traditional art?
    How do you know which to choose?

    I'm thinking about majoring in art but I'm not even certain which medium I want to pursue, but as of now painting/drawing are what I'm leaning towards. Is there a major that focuses on experimenting with various types of art or mixed media?

    I want to create art to express my thoughts, emotions, and perceptions and not just art where I depict realistic drawings of places or people. But I also want to create art where I can do things like this, for example. And things like
    01, 02 (like the boy in the center), 03, 04 (but on canvas and not as an illustration), 05, 06, 07 (on canvas), 08, 09, 10, 11, 12 (the lion on canvas), 13, and art installations such as this done by Herb Williams. Haha, sorry if that's too many examples. But I hope you got the gist. I wish for my creations to have meaning based on my personal feelings, thoughts, and perceptions. But I also want to create art for the heck of it. I guess you can say I'm confused about whether it is conceptual or representative art I am interested in, and whether it is studio or fine arts I am interested in. The color factor is quite important to me, as well. If anyone may help me out, I would be more than thankful. Thank you!
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    Don't pick the major by its name. Check what classes it includes. You'll need classes that teach art history, composition, basic drawing, life drawing, color theory, illustration, and various artistic media of your choice - from oils and etching to collage and sculpture. Take a few courses in abstract or "self-expressive" art as a minor.
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    Sounds like you're looking for a straight up Fine Arts program.
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    Fine Art or Illustration might suit you, as your examples seem to sway between the two. The best thing would be to see what exactly these courses are teaching as they can vary greatly in their approach, even though the course title may be the same.
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    If you have to ask you probably aren't an artist
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    You may want to look into doing a foundation course that'll let you experiment and hopefully find out what you exactly want to do.
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