I recently joined 750words.com and have found that having this routine of writing at least 750 words of any thoughts every morning to be a fantastic idea. Not only it's good for capturing random thoughts and ideas otherwise lost in the shower, but it's also a great way to track back in time for reflection. To do this first thing in the morning is actually not that easy. I find I can churn out maybe 200 words without much effort but beyond that it requires focus and some effort to get to 750 words. It usually takes me 45-90 mins to complete.

I am inspired by this and would now like to do the same for drawing, but I don't know how to set the goal.

What would be the drawing equivalent of writing 750 words that can be achieved in roughly 45-90mins?
The goal should be manageable i.e. not too easy or too overwhelming, but it should be challenging at the same time.
I thought maybe I could draw the first 10 things that come to mind. Would that make a good goal? Or would it be better to do 10 drawings of one thing? Is 10 too many?

Any thoughts or ideas?
For those who do daily sketches or maintain a regular routine, what do you guys do?

It would be nice to keep an 'open' goal so to speak, so I don't have to feel too limited or too structured that I have to come up with a curriculum per se.