I love this website. It has been an incredible resource for me as a young professional. CA has been an endless source of inspiration and guidance.

In fact, some of my best freelance clients came from the old freelance jobs forum. It worked perfectly - a simple forum in the same format as all other CA forums listing requests for freelance artists. I would check it several times a week and almost always found something that was at least worth investigating.

Some time ago, I noticed that the jobs forum had been completely overhauled and now is barely recognizable as a CA forum. I have checked regularly, but I still only see the same handful of freelance job posts lingering for months. I haven't seen anything new and (more importantly) nothing worth pursuing since the revamped format went up. It went from booming to zero seemingly overnight.

I see a few possible explanations:

1) At 29, I am already technologically obsolete and am unable to navigate the new forum correctly. If this is the case and I'm simply not seeing the new posts, I would sincerely appreciate any guidance on how I might make better use of the new format.

2) The economy is simply so bad that there aren't nearly as many new freelance clients seeking artists.

3) For reasons I don't understand, the new format is designed to allow fewer job posts.

From a sincere CA fan, I would appreciate any help on how I can adjust to make better use of the jobs section of this website. It is a resource I depend on.

Thanks to everyone at CA and the community at large.