Syncing color in Painter 12 with PS CS5.5... headache.
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Thread: Syncing color in Painter 12 with PS CS5.5... headache.

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    Question Syncing color in Painter 12 with PS CS5.5... headache.

    So I have been trying to nail my color management settings, and running into a weird situation. I am using a Spyder 3 to calibrate my monitors.

    So i have my PSD image in Photoshop CS5.5 and when i drag it between my two monitors (a dell ips and my macbook pro) it seems to look about the same... maybe slightly different, but not really noticeable.

    The same PSD image in Painter 12, when dragged from screen to screen, changes noticeably. On the Macbook Pro screen it is pretty close to Photoshop, but on the Dell it makes a big jump, as if the colors are becoming much less saturated.

    See the example of it in the attached image. It's a bit hard to tell in this image but basically as i said above, the image is just looking way less saturated (that is the top right image), in Painter 12, specifically on my external Dell screen. I'd say it was the screen, but Photoshop is not doing it.

    I have also attached an image of my color settings in both PS and P12.

    The same thing happens in Painter with a RIF file as well. I have also tried changing painters default color profile to the one "with BPC" and "no BPC". Still no difference.

    Any ideas?


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