Sketchbook: New World Rising (/Ocean Breakup Reprise)

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    New World Rising (/Ocean Breakup Reprise)

    Yo. I guess I'm ready for this? I've been interested in drawing for about 4 years now, only started producing polished works with tone and color a year ago. I work at a glacial pace. Lots of room for improvement here!

    Name:  john_madden_final.jpg
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Size:  140.7 KB
    I just finished this. Astronauts are fun to draw because they're partially inflated trashbags with no indication of anatomical features. I'll do some real humans soon.

    Back to the beginning:
    Name:  Digital_fruit_synthesis.png
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    Shoutout to bumskee. First three things I ever painted outside of faffing around with watercolors in high school (and about two photo copies beforehand to get a feel for the tablet and blending), starting with the peach at the top-left. Jug was done from photograph, lost some detail there because I fucked up the layers at the last second.

    Name:  trinody.png
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Size:  814.9 KB
    First rendering from imagination! I worked on this for a week before I got bored with it. Lines here. I definitely want to revisit this guy some day, maybe with legs that aren't retarded.

    Name:  phantom_swelter.jpg
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    First thing I did that I'd call finished, really only focused on the form and lighting here. The shadows are definitely off, but I'd realized too late that rendering them correctly would've plunged the whole image into darkness. Artistic license!

    Name:  pitchblendes.jpg
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    Painting I finished in a day. Met a lot of short term goals with this: Get comfortable with Painter, do an environment, work without lines, work directly with color instead of colorizing grey-scale images, speed the fuck up. I need to do more of these.

    That's all for painting. I think I've got a good grasp of form and rendering right now, but I definitely need to start working with texture.

    Some pencil stuff, most of it's pretty old:
    Name:  stuff3.jpg
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Size:  261.8 KB
    You'll never guess who I was copying! I can't share any quality shots of my anatomy studies because I do them all on newsprint too large for my scanner. Just proof that it's something I've worked on, y'know.

    Name:  twoheads.jpg
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Size:  161.9 KB
    Heads from photo reference.

    Name:  arabhead.jpg
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Size:  97.2 KB
    A head from imagination! Some of it's off, I could do better now.

    Name:  man.gif
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Size:  309.3 KB
    Some smarmy dude.

    And that's about where I'm at right now. I need people to cheer me on and/or kick my ass into gear so I'll finally start doing more than 1-2 drawings per month. Holla at a player girls, I like my crits dirty. Oh, and is there a way to keep the page from stretching without manually shrinking my images?

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    Look, just hanging around here is already inspiring me. Here's some fleeesh:
    Name:  nudes.jpg
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    Uno, dos. I actually did the right one first. I really had a hard time getting the other flirtatious trollop to read because of how blown out her tones are. If there's one thing I'm going to take away from this, it'd be never to paint in that value key again!

    I went out and attempted some life drawing at a nearby airport too. I'm not very good at drawing moving people:
    Name:  lifeheads.gif
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    The odd man out is a gesture I did during a bus ride a week or two ago, I thought it came out pretty cool.

    Name:  planes.gif
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Size:  111.1 KB
    Sat myself in a pretty conspicuous and awkward way to try to draw some planes. A TSA dude started getting antsy about it ("I need a permit?") and I sure didn't want to get pulled aside for questioning, so I got antsy too and blew through it. I don't think I got anything out of this.

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    Hahah, love the first post with the spacemen and the pizza! Im happy to see you doing still lifes and life drawings as well as anatomy studies. these things will help you out the most in your pursuit of art.

    Great work in here so far, i'm eager to see you post more so we can drop you a better critique! Keep it up!

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    yes yes yes. youre picking out some nice details here, these have a tonne of character.

    sb most art copied to page 1
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    I really like yout apple study x33

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