Sketchbook: Cranberry's SB - Updated 18th of November 2011
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Thread: Cranberry's SB - Updated 18th of November 2011

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    Cranberry's SB - Updated 18th of November 2011

    Hello, my name is Cranberry and I'm (NO LONGER) a gameaholic. For the past 10 years I have been throwing my life away but that has changed for the better the past month, gaming system is in the closet, all distractions in my room have been removed, surrounded myself with books and art by the people who inspire me, been drawing like crazy and haven't skipped a single day since I started, which is a current personal record, one that I'm looking to continue into infinity.

    I've hit some plateaus in the past and though I feel that I don't have to complain about the level I reached in the past (though it was average at best), I'm wanting more and I finally realized that with effort, everything is possible. This past month alone I've surprised myself on so many occasions that I finally enjoy doing this again, which ultimately is what I'm in it for. Landing a job would be nice of course, but I feel I improve a lot more when I just enjoy it and there is no pressure. I have this school year left to prove myself and am dedicated to succeed.

    I'm putting some goals for myself that perhaps are not the most realistic but I can and will try to succeed, and if I don't I'm sure that there at least will be progress in the right direction, hopefully enough to keep me going and wanting more.

    - Draw every day, maintaining a daily routine where I pick at least 3 subjects from a list I put together (x pages of figures, x pages of hands from life, blabla, will maybe post the list soon)
    - Do at least one digital painting every day, a still life, a portrait, a photo study, or even a crappy doodle, but I have to start up photoshop and produce something that is presentable
    - Fill the remaining 250-ish blank pages I have left, with whatever, by the 15th of this month (November)
    - Human skeleton from memory by the end of this month (November)
    - Human muscles from memory by the end of December
    - Believable figures from memory by the end of Januari
    - Believable portraits from memory by the end of Januari

    Bones are coming along well, muscles are going to be hard but I have 2 weeks of vacation in december so who knows what I might pull out of my sleeve...

    It's time to stop earning virtual XP and start earning real life XP, and with that said, here's a first dump of recent digital stuff that I feel good about posting. Manual stuff is harder to upload, I don't like the tedious task of scanning sketches and stuff so I'll probably make selections of stuff I like or that are worth showing and just scan those, I don't think there is anything interesting about gestures anyway.

    Still life from yesterday night, 2 hours so far, not sure if I'll work more on it or start a new one, which of both options would be better for me at this time, finish this or just start a fresh one? Have the setup in front of me but I'd rather just do a new one instead.

    Unfinished still life of a skull I had just bought

    Another unfinished lifepaint

    An apple

    Apple painted on a DSi XL using Colors, should use it more, cool program

    There is more but I don't like how most of it turned out. More stuff coming soon, have stuff from today left to post but going to paint some more first.


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