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  • Gadbury

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  • Edward B

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  • Sketched

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  • J-Sun

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  • Luckers

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    C.o.w.#236, godzilla monster! Voting.

    C.O.W. #236 GODZILLA MONSTER!_Voting!




    Requirements this week...

    - the monster you create must be at least 10 stories tall. Over 100 feet high.

    - the monster must be mutated from an existing animal, but must be changed in ways much more than just size. Add, and change anatomy as you see fit, don't just up-size some animal to make it monstrous.

    - the monster you create this week must be mutated by being exposed to nuclear radiation. Therefore, I would like to see some part of its anatomy glowing to show that its been radiated.
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    Artist: bbwolf

    Concept: “SLUGOR” - the electro atomic slimer menace

    The sudden and unexpected appearance of this terrifying creature stunned the public and the scientific community alike. The later was quickly trying
    to learn as much as possible about the gigantic gastropod. Tests of genetic material taken from it´s trail of slime revealed that it once must have belonged
    to the family of Arionidae, more specifically to the species of Arion fuscus. A mere common garden slug. In an opposing evolutinary move the left over fragments
    of the shell it once carried millenia ago became a spiked armor so dense that even heavy arillery fire can´t penetrate it. Scientist are hard pressed for other
    information that could shed light into the creation of this abomination and will, ultimately, help in it´s destruction.

    Right now the speculations are either that long term effects of the Three Mile Island accident near Harrisburg or leaked radiation from ICM silos could be
    responsible for the mutation. That radiation is at least partly to blame is out of question as the creature leaves highly active contaminations wherever it´s
    path has taken it so far. There also seems to be a constant build up of energy inside of the creature that is discharged as lightning in irregular intervalls.
    This seems to happen at random but also is used to very effectively counter and prevent aerial assaults. We can only hope and pray that this mutation is
    an unique occurance and that our country´s specialist and military forces find a way to deal with this threat quickly and effectivly.
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    Artist: Eclectix

    Concept: Gigantocephalopodes irradiatus
    Gigantocephalopodes irradiatus is thought to have mutated from the common octopus, Octopus vulgaris, as the result of a mixture of leaked petrochemicals, toxic dispersants, and radioactive waste being dumped into the Gulf of Mexico. Although a BP spokeman did not deny the well-established toxicity of the dispersants used to clean the petrol spill, he did emphatically deny that the amounts used could possibly cause this sort of terratogenic mutation alone. BP officials also denied all responsibility for the radioactive waste, citing the recently uncovered scandal involving the State of Texas dumping barrels of the waste into the gulf in a cost-saving measure. Scientists may never understand the exact combination which led to this monstrous mutation, but according to United States Coast Guard Admiral Harry Hausen, "Who gives a damn where the bastard came from; how the (expletive) do we kill the som'bitch?"

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    Artist: Gadbury

    Concept: Frill Necked Lizard

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    Artist: Edward B

    Concept: RhinoBeetle gigantus

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    Artist: Whiskey Sour

    Concept: Bulldoz

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    The Herd

    Artist: Sketched

    Concept: ELK-ZILLA

    A herd of Mutated elk are raining havoc in the Minato district of Tokyo. Elk typically feed on grass, plants, leaves and bark but as an effect of their mutation certain tastes have taken a more carnivorous route. Watch out tokyo, Rudolf is playing his own raindeer games today.

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    Artist: J-Sun

    Concept: Chernobyl Chicken

    Chernobyl Chickens are monsters created as a result of the Nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, Ukraine in 1986. Towering to heights over 100 feet, Chernobyl Chickens typically have three monstrous heads; which are capable of emitting radioactive plasma.

    The multiple heads in of an individual Chernobyl Chicken seem to operate in agreement with each other. Although they have been observed fighting amongst each other at times; pecking at their own bodies as if vaguely recognizing themselves for the abominations which they are.

    The ear-splitting cackle of the Chernobyl Chicken is unmistakable and can be heard for several kilometers. It is unknown how many Chernobyl Chickens exist; fortunately the range of the Chernobyl Chicken is limited to the 30 km exclusion zone… for now.

    C.o.w.#236, godzilla monster! Voting.

    I present Chernobyl Chicken with no disrespect to all those who have suffered and continue to suffer from the Chernobyl nightmare;
    I only wish that giant monsters where the only result of such nuclear catastrophes instead of the reality of disease and death
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    Artist: tsabu

    Concept: Mutated Conglomerate of 3 Monkey Ruffians!

    These 3 monkeys were always known as a most hooligans in the whole monster island. Now after they get from unknown reasons mutated and combined into 1 giant monster, they are even worst! Only Godzilla can stop their distinctions, but is he really strong enough to defeat them?...

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    Artist: Rob Powell

    Concept: Megachelys gigantora

    The result of a highly irradiated Snapping Turtle. The radioactive materials this turtle was exposed to caused the cells in it's body to replicate at a rapid rate, however instead of forming cancerous tumours the reptile instead underwent a rapid growth spurt in response to the exposure. It's body swelled up to almost 1000% its original size weighing in at a massive 100 tonnes.

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    Artist: Luckers

    Concept: Lobzilla

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    Artist: ZenithDeLunaris

    Concept: Usagizilla

    description: A poor bunny mutated from exposure to radiation to become this behemoth. It is a destructive, carnivorous, killing machine with a glowing fluffy tail.

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    Artist: ChromaticCodex

    Concept: Hamtar

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    Nice round guys! Voting was tough, between Gadbury and Eclectix this time round! Went for Gads in the end, to me more original and better suited the brief! Nice job overall guys! Along with those two liked Edward B and J-Sun's entries as well!

    crits....because I was bored....

    bbwolf: Very cool illustration, and a nice concept. The overall image is looking quite grey, possibly because you added colours with overlay and left it at that, instead of going back in and oainting over to build to colours up a bit. Try to use a bit less pure white and pure black in your rendering process as well. In general though a good attention to detail and a cool scene overall.

    eclectix: cool stuff, man. Great use of painting over a photo here to give a setting for your concept. Design isn't terrible original since the giant cephalopod has been done to death, so a bit more design elements to separate this from those other designs. The glowing effents on the top of it's head is pretty neat though. Your creature looks very top heavy though, I can't really picture it standing up like that, if the tentacles were a bit thicker and longer

    Gadbury: Great stuff as usual. I always like the sketchy style in other people's work, but here it makes a few areas read not so well, so a little morerefining here and there. Also the glowing under it's chin and on it's frill could be push a bit further so it spreads over it's frill a bit more as well. Perhaps some luminescence following those colourations around the frill as well.

    Edward B: Cool stuff, man. Very clean and well rendered. maybe too clean though, especially on the neck area, needs more texture. The legs I feel need to be a bit bulkier, the main reason exoskeletal invertebrates don't grow very large is because they get very heavy very fast, so if one is gonna grow to be over 100 feet tall, it's needs some thick strong legs to support it's weight.

    Whiskey Sour: very interesting stuff man. the bulldog is looking a bit flat actually, I noticed in emerging's paintover that he added some rim-lighting, that's something that's missing in yours to makes the forms stand out. Rim-lighting is great to make those forms pop a little more and make them appear more rounded. There's something about the legs that bothers me a bit though.

    Sketched: Idea had potential, but you basically upsized the elk, I noticed yur using soft edged brushes to render, not saying you can't but, here your forms are getting a bit muddy, mainly on the antlers. Try to refine your edges using hard edged brushes, it'll help build your form better without leaving to much unwanted informartion. Also the hind hooves I would've actually had them hidden behind the border to give it that, popping out of the picture effect. It's a little difficult to make out what's going on in the background because the rendering is very rough, I know it is recommended to keep it less detailed but a little more attention could help.

    J-Sun: Very cool concept, I can almost picture this guy battling Godzilla for the right to stomp on tokyo. A few darker values in the shadows to round out your forms a bit and separate some forms from one another better. Try to start building up crisper rendering in your pieces especially on the faces, I seems like its a little blurred because the focal areas lack the finer details.

    tsabu: Cool design, the big problem I'm seeing here is the heavy use of soft edge brushes, other than the face everything seems very blurred making the body anatomy read less as well as it should, I'd like to see some more attention to the other two heads as well, because although the central head is the focal point it steals the attention from everything else.

    Luckers: Neat idea, reminds me a bit of those scorpion men in Egyptian mythology. I like the whole composition how it flows nicely along the coastline. Only real concern are those rough brush strokes on the clouds in the background, a little distracting for me cuz it makes the painting look busier than it really is.

    ZenithDeLunaris: First off the pose is quite awkward seeing as it's body is straight right up to it's chest and shoulders then it's head and neck make another turn basically folding your creature in half. Neatidea with th glowing tail, but even though it gives off light it'll still have some kind of a form, instead of adding shadow to it add light to it to build the form. The buildings look as if they are still in the rough stages as well, and those thick black lines along the edges contradict the edges on your creature. And of course the solid colours need some kind of attention.

    ChromaticCodex: Holy Giant Glowing Testicles, Batman!! Very humeroud idea, The testicles seems to stand out a little too much against the rest of the image, mainly due to the fact that other than the testicles it is fairly monochrome. And maybe just a slight more creativity with the design than just well y'know...
    Art is not about competing against others and being better than everyone else, but it is about competing against yourself and discovering your greatest potential!

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    ChromaticCodex: haha your hamtar made me laugh

    nice entries, to bad i discovered this thread to late for voting

    Edward B's and Luckers are my favourites

    need critique!

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