P.O.W,! Challenge 55 (A-B) Zombies and Vikings...
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Thread: P.O.W,! Challenge 55 (A-B) Zombies and Vikings...

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    P.O.W,! Challenge 55 (A-B) Zombies and Vikings...

    What I been getting is whine whine zombies zombies zombies, so...bite me. If nothing comes in on this one from you dunderheads, I'll never ask your opinions on anything again and we'll do challenges involving Sailor Moon and Teddy Bears from now on...

    Sorry for being two days late, but my phone connection went out for periods as they replaced some damaged lines here in the boonies between Sunday and late this afternoon.


    All future POW! Challenges will roughly follow the format below, unless otherwise noted for a special event.

    SPECIAL NOTE: For the next two challenges only, we are dropping the "C" challenge because of the two-month holiday period, which really makes things difficult for everybody. We'll go back to normal in January.

    In all cases, you can interpret the art any way you wish, and the more creatively, the better. Any media. B&W or Color, unless we specifically point out otherwise.

    Topic 55A: ZOMBIES...before 1850

    Alright...you got Zombies...but with a hitch...to prevent a bunch of bazookas/rayguns blowing apart great-great-uncle Ned trying to eat your brains, the zombies must be in a historical era that predates 1850. Got that? No walking dead AFTER 1850. You can have cave people, ancient Egyptian or Viking zombies, even braining eating medieval nuns, but no zombie fights AFTER 1850, which means no nukes, light sabers or AK-47s. Hell, I don't care if your zombies are even human...I mean, zombie wombats fighting deported British criminals in Australia could be sooooo kewl...heeheehee.

    Topic 55B: Norse Mythology...

    This is our second attempt at various world mythologies and legends. This time, let's try to keep to the northern European and North Atlantic areas, with things like the Vikings and such. We're trying to depict the authentic beliefs and legends of the era/people in comic format, so this means it's research time, Kiddies...

    Either or Both-Deadline: Sunday, December 4, 2011, 11:59 pm anywhere in the world.

    You can present your solution as a minimum of THREE to any practical maximum you wish which adhere to standard comic specs as below...and, yes, you can have the first or last (or both) as a splash page if you want--just don't get TOO extreme on page counts. REMEMBER: You don't have to have a complete comic to qualify for polling--if you realize you're running out of time, try to get at least THREE pages finished by the deadline. That's all you need to qualify for polling..

    Standard Comic Book Size:

    --Trim size: 6 5/8" x 10 1/4"
    --Live art area: 6" x 9"
    --Bleed size before trimming: 6 7/8" x 10 1/2" (1/8" in all directions)

    .................................................. ......................................

    AND A SPECIAL CHALLENGE FOR ALL YOU WOULD-BE DESIGNERS/COMIC ARTISTS OUT THERE...(extended until we think we enough to go to poll with.)

    WE NEED A BANNER/MASTHEAD/"LOGO" (whatever you wanna call it. It's our brand.) We'll decide the winner by poll, and if we decide we need more entries before polling, we will extend the deadline for this one for as long as it takes. This piece of art is forever, after all... or till last Tuesday--whichever comes last.

    The Rules:

    • This is Top-Grade Art, so do your best. No rough sketches, WIPs, or jelly sandwiches will go to polling.

    • Size should be approximately 1000 pixels WIDE by 400 to 600 pixels HIGH.

    • The banner should present a clear idea of what P.O.W.! is all about--SEQUENTIAL PANEL (and other types of) COMICS-- and all that goes into producing them. Should be multi-color, and strong and clear in its message, which is "WE DO COMIX HERE!"

    • Unlike the other Challenges (COW, CHOW, TEEN, etc.), we don't need an area for specs or "rules" for each individual challenge, because we're too diverse in approach to tie down to one set of specs.

    • What we DO need is the wording, "P.O.W.!" and "PANELS OF THE WEEK CHALLENGE." Nothing else is necessary, unless you want to continue the tradition of the tagline, "Created & Published by the @&$#!! Members of Conceptarts.Org Forums."

    .................................................. .............................

    Good luck.

    A little note here for all of you who have supported the P.O.W.! Challenges...thankyewthankyewthankyew...

    Just a reminder--those of you who didn't get a chance to finish exactly the way you wanted to, or ran into deadline problems, remember there is a sticky section where you can post your stuff when you do get it up to speed.

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