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    Newest Works =] j.zhang

    Newest painting I finished a few days ago

    Old Friends

    Name:  JimmyZhang-old-friends-1000px.jpg
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    small island
    Very nice work. Interesting white light near the man's feet and the dragon's forefeet.

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    Agreed with the above. The illustration, rendering and colors in general are great but the white light does seem strange.

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    Agreed. The white light on the leg should be dimmer if it's reflected. Other than that, this looks awesome!

    "Great job guys! I love you. You're fired."

    Sketchbook! Me vs Anatomy (and other things)
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    Beautiful piece love the color choices the design is very well done

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    liquidjack, OnceUponASketch, Januz, Icedearth15876: Thanks for the feedback =]

    Some newer work:

    forgot to upload this from a while back: Glory, Glory
    Name:  JimmyZhang_glory-glory_900px.jpg
Views: 23
Size:  190.7 KB

    Art order challenge entry: Dragon Glass
    Name:  JimmyZhang_dragon-glass_900px.jpg
Views: 29
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