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Thread: To become a concept artist: ZNNO's Sketchbook

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    To become a concept artist: ZNNO's Sketchbook

    I am gonna make a new sketch book thread... it is kinda weird to be not able to delete my own thread .. but whatever.
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    Wow you got great sense of perspective

    Though I find it unsual the level of confidence between your works that are submitted in your first work, compared to the posts after?... Seems kinda like a jump or are sceneries just your thing?

    I would say that your room illustrations are terrific, though in some of them the perspective is a bit warped, but otherwise pretty solid work (:
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    Your observations are pretty good and your backgrounds are phenomenal!
    True dedication never goes without some kind of reward.
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    Wow, that's some amazing environment skills.
    Keep up the good work!
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    Just keep at it with doing those planar studies. I think it's a really good way of learning how lights get casted onto an object. So yeah, keep it up :3
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    Your linework looks nice.. and the layout is interesting and energetic. I do see some little perspective issues here and there. Now.. let's get that holiday laziness out.. the holidays have been gone! Remember there are people coming up behind you .. and not all of them rest
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    Hey! Don't give up on it! You could use it as your benchmark. Every couple of months or once a year you redraw her. Or do you already have something like that..? My benchmark is an eye I did following a tutorial in 08. I redid it in 2011. They both have their better aspects (as compared to each other), but it's a good benchmark for me to see my progress.

    But I digress. I really commented to give you a tip on your ref drawings further up. It's called the mask technique. I learned it from a fellow artist on Deviantart. I got the tip on this deviation (read the first comment). It really really helped me. So I hope you find it useful.
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    Hey you are getting better, uhm I think you should slow down and just try and do some fundamental studies. Do construction studies, anatomy studies, whatever you can. There are a lot of broken parts in your images, which these kinds of studies can really help. A great place to start, and a commonly mentioned resource around here, is Andrew Loomis, his books are in pdf form and are really easily found on the internet. They really hold a wealth of knowledge, and doing studies from those, I'm sure would really help.
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