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    C.O.W. #235. Deaf, Blind Acid-Spitter - VOTING!

    C.O.W. #235 Deaf, Blind Acid-Spitter_Voting!



    Topic: Deaf, Blind Acid-Spitter

    Deadline for the Voting: November 16th

    Round Requirements (Read BEFORE voting!):

    - The creature must be visible both blind and deaf

    - The creature must have some visible alternate means of sensory perception

    - The creature must have some sort of capability to spit an acidic solution out of some orifice. This capability should either be illustrated in the primary drawing or in a supplemental image.
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    Artist: InFlame

    Concept: Toxic Spider Crawler

    The toxic spider crawler lives in the deep of the luminous swamp of the planet Pathenos 2.

    Without eyes and ears it only is able to identify it's prey with ultrasonic waves which are generated by the flares on it's skin. The sound of the waves will be reflected by those flares too to send a detailed picture of the prey to the brain of the crawler. Then it can spit the deadly acid which is located in the abdomen and dissolve and absorb the prey.

    The toxic spider crawler lives alone and meets conspecifc only at mating time.

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    Artist: Flame_Unquenchable

    Concept: Sputumacere Floris
    Found solely on Tanus Septima the Suptumacere Floris or Acid Spitter is an interesting hybrid of plant and animal features. The creature is both blind and deaf, it senses its environment with a peculiar fluid filled crest on its back. This crest can sense changes in air pressure so slight that the Acid Spitter can detect a moving object at ten to twelve meters. The filaments also detect faint trace heat signatures given off by warm blooded animals.

    The Sputumacere ejects a powerful acid spray from its frontal 'nozzle' that can bore through steel if given enough time. It is a fast acting paralytic that the Sputumacere uses for defense. As the creature is part plant, it absorbs sunlight and synthesizes food by photosynthesis, so it does not need to hunt. It releases its spores through an ovipositor type structure in it's abdomen area.

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    Artist: bbwolf

    Concept: Duergar Siege Crawler aka "The Vindaloo"

    Bred through dark magic from a formerly small cave dweller, the Duergar Siege Crawler aka “The Vindaloo” is a blind and small minded behemoth of the Underdark. Feeding on a kind of sulfuric, volcanic material it produces an acid that even corrodes stone. Food is the only interest that lies within the small brain of the creature. Absolutely blind, deaf and dumb, it relies on the Duergar to feed it. The Duergar use the Vindaloos as weapons, guiding them towards their destination by tapping and striking their feelers with forging hammers. A good team of handlers can direct its acid discharge over 250 meters. Once the fortifications are weakend by the acid, the creature´s thick head armor and speed makes it a perfect battering ram.
    A tutor once said to me: "Let your mind go!" and it didn´t come back.

    Wolf@WorK aka Sketchbook

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    Artist: JaapOomen

    Concept: "Swamp Whale"

    Moving to poisonous swamps millions of years ago, has caused this species to lose their ears and eyes, because all they'd hear and see would be boiling acid and poisonous gas.
    Instead they use their sense of touch to get around, the "fingers" across it's body are for feeling the ground it's moving on and the external gills can sense the slightest change of the wind.

    It feeds on tons of small insects and algae by swallowing them whole after paralyzing them with the gas that’s constantly coming out of its mouth.
    To ward of enemies it spits acid from the two ends of its lower jaw, it also waves its razor-sharp, crystalline tail to blow gas in their direction, and slice them up if they come too close.

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    Artist: alben_tan

    Concept: Coleoptera Stinger

    Visible in hot deserted areas, this huge creatures often seen walking around hunting preys for food. Their blindness are cause by the increasing amount of smog due to the area's soil and atmosphere hot temperature. The lose of their ability to hear are due to the sounds of the pressure smogs create.

    Because of this dilemma, this creatures can still adopt to its surroundings. They have 4 nostrils present at the top of their thick-hard-external bones that can smell up to 100 meters. And small sensitive tentacles/fur present randomly all around its body, which can sense and detect movements and airflow. It also have wings but it can only fly in a short amount of time. Its sharp-bone scythe arms/hands are usually use for food hunting and direction guide.

    The focal point of this creature is its poisonous attribute which can be either helpful or harmful to itself. In threatening situations, this creatures can simultaneously spit poisonous substances from its stomach. It can also stack up a certain amount of poison in its stomach. The disadvantage is stacking up poison makes its stomach heavier resulting to slow movement and inability to fly high which makes it prone to predators. This are usually use in worst case scenarios.

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    Artist: Gadbury

    Concept: fossorial killer mole!

    Being an underground based creature, its pointy shark like head with hard bone on the top is used as a shovel to allow it to dig in the dirt for food and creating tunnels. It uses its claws and powerful front limbs for the same purpose. The feelers on the chin work a bit like a star-nosed mole being touch sensitive, and can sense vibrations in the earth though them. It also has two long feelers on the end of its tail, the tail also being where it shoots the acid from an orifice between them. Although the acid is a dangerous defense mechanism, it also uses its size and powerful build to charge and ram into enemies and underground walls

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    Artist: Whiskey Sour

    Concept: Gurrollá

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    Artist: Edward B

    Concept: Ravine tunneler
    This creature is blind and deaf, it guides it ways through the ravine with its feelers.The Ravine tunneler sprays a highly corrosive substance in order to weaken and tear holes in the ravines it dwells within. The substance is in fact two different substances, sprayed from two different glands on either side of the mouth, the substances mix on the target and reacts violently, becoming corrosive.

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    Artist: BFWs

    Concept: Flu
    Flu is a kind of weak monster. They usually live at caves, in small groups. Due to they lack of senses, they developed the ability to sense earth vibrations by the shapes of their tail. When they feel threatened, they start to spit a paralysing acid. Their arms have a shape of blade.
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    Artist: J-Sun

    Concept: Mountain Mole

    The Mountain Mole literally makes mountains out of molehills, its burrowing mounds being truly mountainous in scale. The colossal Mountain Mole spends most of its time carving out awesome subterranean lairs using its incredibly resilient teeth and claws in tandem with a unique acidic solvent it spews forth, which acts to soften even the hardest rock.
    The Mountain Mole is eyeless and earless, completely blind and deaf, yet has a remarkable sense of smell as well as a highly developed ability to detect the density of surrounding rock.

    A Mountain Mole prepares a new dugout as three goat-like Mountain Tokes observe from a safe distance.
    C.O.W. #235. Deaf, Blind Acid-Spitter - VOTING!
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    Artist: ChromaticCodex

    Concept: Dragon Cricket

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    Artist: Azimuthium

    Concept: Catus Licker
    This eye-less predator will lick the forest paths scouting for its prey. When a victim is spotted Catus will immobilize it using its venomus tongue and spit lethal acid causing immediate liquification.

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    Artist: albino-Z

    Concept: Big PHAT Desert Silverfly

    This big bad mean stinky shiny and-of course-ridiculously looking desert fly will retain a huge quantity of digestive fluids inside its see-through belly. Guided by a hyper-sensitive group of nostrils, this grotesque predator will literally vomit on the victim and then suck it all back in with a slurping echo. Brave nomad warriors are hunting down this rare species to avenge the lost of their loved ones, often seen swimming inside the fly's belly in agony during their final moments.

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    A cutie named ACID

    Artist: Niva

    Concept: ACID
    Acid is a dragonoid type creature who is blind and deaf in the traditional sense. However, the spikes on his head and all over his body are hallow and surrounded by nerve tissue. The creature uses the spikes as focal lenses to sense any type of vibration in its environment and since the spikes face in every direction and can easily be re positioned by fluid motion it is extremely adept at sensing its environment and nearby prey. The greatest threat from these creatures are the acidic contents of its spike on the end of its tail which it likes to inject into its prey.

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