Hi, I'm Tolk-Neo
I'm italian freelance artist, working (in Milan) principal for Comics's Editors Houses, Marvel, Panini Publishing and Humanoids Publishing (or better Les Humanoides Associes) Metal Hurlant!
I have found this forum through artists friends.

I make part (I am young than all the Studio, I'm 23 years old) of Settemondi Studio (Seven Worlds Studio) a group with some of the best Italian artists.
Stefano Turconi (Disney, "Akameshi", "Fantaghenna" (for Soleil) and to the next "Wondercity" for France too)
Alberto Ponticelli (DC, Dark Horse, Marvel, Image for USA, and Humanoids and Delcourt for France)
Matteo Piana (Sergio Bonelli Editor, "The Seven Worlds's Ring" for Humanoids in France)
Luca Enoch and Mario Alberti (Sergio Bonelli Editor, "Morgana"for Humanoids Publishing, and Mario working with Kurt Busiek on "Redhand"for Metal Hurlant!)
and many more...

I would want in future to be able to work like concept artist for some cinematographic production.
This is the reason for which they are here, wants to learn from you!


PS:Tomorrow I will open new trhead with some a my job!