Spideycreed: Thanks! That's my favorite shout to use once I've lured about 15 guards to the highest point in Markarth

Soulreaper: Yep Barbarus it be. Thanks!

Stoat: Thanks glad you're enjoying the game.

Izzual: Thanks for the compliments to the butcher

Greenhouse: Thanks!

Aeron. Thank you so much. Adam was a dear friend and mentor to me for the last 15 years. He was a true artist in every aspect of his life and a true concept artist. Every single drawing of his was infused with an idea. Nothing was there to just look cool or bad ass. There was a story in everything he did. There was no need for any fancy photoshop tricks or painting techniques. His simplest sketch conveyed a hilarious story and zest for life, beauty, and art. I've met a lot of artists and seen a lot of beautiful work that will never come close to his genius. He was one of a kind and the mold was smashed once this beautiful freak was unleashed into our world. I will miss him for the rest of my life.