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    Icon Dropping out of Pratt. Where to go, what to do? (3D Animation/Modeling)

    I'm a sophomore dropping out of Pratt after this semester. I won't go into details about how horrible Pratt is, since you've probably heard the same old crap several times before. The scholarship pulled me in and I mistakenly accepted it.

    I'm convinced that the degree here is not worth the immense amount of money and time ($60,000 debt already after 2.5 semesters) and that teaching myself 3D would be significantly more efficient. I've heard from others that 3D is something that not a single school is great with, and from what I've experienced first hand at Pratt and from what I've seen at the FIT screening for SVA/Pratt, they were right.
    Pratt foundation year was a huge waste, and even this year I'm still struggling to find time for my actual 3D work because of World Civ, Art History, electives bloated with busy work, and other courses that are required for most programs here at Pratt. It seems that college actually inhibits my learning...

    I'm into 3D modeling more than animation (Another problem with getting a 3D degree since they all seem to be focused on animation), and I don't really know what/where each one will lead me to. I realize that I should probably know more about the field I'm trying to get into by now, but Pratt really does not help in that department at all.

    So I'm a bit lost. Should I just not go to school, train myself, and somehow enter the industry from there? I'm still unclear on whether or not the degree matters with 3D. Should I transfer to some school with a much lower cost or is it still not worth the trouble? Is it reasonable to learn 3D entirely on my own through scattered online resources? Should I enter a cheap school and strengthen my foundation while I teach myself 3D? Art Students League of New York? So lost...

    I know it's a lot of questions. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    Yeah, I feel the same way... though I'm not really studying the same thing as you.

    However, Foundation years are like that. You get these liberal courses and it kind of opens you up on what artists did in the past and such. It's a tool to make you understand about the world of art, research, etc.

    I really didn't like my Foundation year in regards to the courses I had to take. Actually, forced to take. It felt like a huge waste of time, and now I'm in a place where I don't want to be, doing things I don't want to do. In fact, I'm considering to go to another school because it focuses more on the subject that I really want to study.

    I would suggest you to just act fast right now rather than staying at a place you don't want. I've been there, so that's just what I think from my experience.

    Yes, you can learn on your own, though the start-up might be hard. Take some workshops about 3D modelling. I also found something:

    I heard that Gnomon school's pretty excellent when it comes to concept art, modelling, etc., teaching stuff. The part that I've posted is just an example, so go ahead to explore the whole website to know if you want to apply here or not.

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    I would recommend getting an art degree of some kind if you can - but like you I don't really know how necessary it is. Get a degree in something with emphasis in illustration or representational work or sculpture. Just work on building strong traditional, observational, drawing and sculpture skill with that. Find something affordable that's not going to devour your life time-wise. It may not be the best but use it to build and strengthen your traditional skills - they will always be useful and help your modeling aesthetic and understanding. Outside of class you can go about teaching yourself 3D modeling. If you have a strong traditional background and you've acquired the ability to translate into digital 3D space effectively, you should be fine.

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    Yeah foundation years suck, and I didn't realize that there would be plenty of arbitrary required courses throughout the entire four years. About three at a time here at Pratt. Thank you for that link. I've actually been hearing a lot about gnomon, daveschool, etc. It's a shame that all these great places are in such hot states. I would attend without a second thought otherwise.

    Yeah putting myself in a position where I would need to teach myself 3D is a pretty huge commitment.. thanks for the reassurance

    my head is about to explode

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