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    Have you considered trying something like Serif DrawPlus for vector capabilities? The full version of the software is something like $99, but you can try a free version as well.

    Just another thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by munho View Post
    Have you considered trying something like Serif DrawPlus for vector capabilities? The full version of the software is something like $99, but you can try a free version as well.

    Just another thought.
    I'd rather get Manga Studio because more people use it/have heard of it and I'll be able to find tutorials and ask people for tips. But thank you for the suggestion.

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    Honestly, for someone who has used Manga Studio Debut, EX, and Illustrator (along with a variety of other art software, both vector and raster), if the only reason why you are considering Manga Studio is for dialogue balloons and text, then you may as well not invest in the program.

    Don't get me wrong, I love all three and each are fantastic in the purpose they serve and beyond. In fact, like mikeorione22 showed, Manga Studio is an incredibly versatile program for outlines and to aid in other kinds of art. However, if text is simply all you want to do with the program, it may not be a worthwhile investment for you and you could use your money elsewhere.

    The reason why those professional comic artists recommended that you do your lettering and dialogue balloons rendering in a vector program comes from the fact that vectors can be infinitely scalable and don't utilize anti-alias lines. Which means, when you print your images your lines come out crispy smooth when you do black and white printing and can be resized on a whim without quality loss. That is why vector graphics are utilized in advertisements and logo production since they are more practical for printing and sizing purposes. Illustrator is universally scalable, while Manga Studio, despite having these capabilities as well, isn't used for that purpose but rather for the creation of clear lines set at high resolutions. While lines can be scaled in MS, it's not as as smooth as Illustrator in this particular sense.

    Otherwise, anti-alias lines, which uses lighter versions of the same hue to soften the line to give the illusion of smooth lines comes out blurry, and if done with grayscale tone or tone with anti-aliasing can cause an effect called "moire", or improper translation of toning, or overlapping of tones, to the printing press and mucking up the effect you wanted to achieve with them in the first place. That is why comic artists need high ppi tone sheets that are completely black and white.

    As such: Questions about Manga Studio

    It would seem the softer one would print out better since it appears aesthetically better on the screen, but it's quite the opposite in reality. It all depends on the printer and a huge no no is printing with grayscale or color profiles on a black and white printer.

    Usually, the ones who buy programs like Manga Studio, Comicworks, etc. do so to streamline their digital comic book creation work flow within that program to do all their artwork since the programs work completely in a vector like setting and used, you guessed it, alias lines, lines without blurring on the edges that look jagged and sharp up close up are integral to smooth printing reproduction of black and white images on a black and white press, which also usually requires a higher resolution of 600-1200 ppi which those professional comic artists probably also recommended. Color presses usually require less and can utilize anti-alias lines fine, but many people prefer to use the vector alias capabilities of programs like Manga Studio and Illustrator so their artwork print out crisp, but even so, at a high resolution so the jagged edges of the pixels don't show noticeably.

    So, what I'm saying is, I love MS and I think the program is fantastic if you plan on utilizing and understanding all its capabilities, but if all you want to do is add text and make word balloons, it really isn't worth the investment. You can do the same thing MS does in PS to suit your needs: All you need to do is when you open up the Photoshop is make sure you are saving on a 1 bit image (black and white), make sure your current image is high resolution, and apply your text and balloons! Works the same way MS does, but perhaps without the finese and scaling features, but the technique produces the same result. What YOU specifically need does not require the full power of vector graphics, and in MS EX you would get the rulers and vector manipulation which only becomes pertinent if you plan on using it for drawing and image creation (basically, editing nodes and such). You can get by with PS alone or some other free vector application.

    Although, I still say give the trial a whirl! Even though MS Debut does not have true vector capabilities, Debut itself is still a vector art program ie works with alias lines that are infinitely scalable. With your needs, there really isn't a difference between the Debut and the EX version that you would notice and while EX is definitely the more feature rich version, if you don't plan on using it much outside of your stated needs, it wouldn't be worth the cost and you could use your financial aid for other artistic tools.

    I hope this helps!

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    hi, i am a manga stUdio User. i love the result in black and White and I haven't any problem to print it ; but i loose alot of quality When I pUt it in photoshop to color it. in photoshop i don't see all effects i have done With the pen :'( Does anyone know how I Can fight against this Capricious soft? (i mean photoshop, because I really get Well With MS ^^)

    Thank you for reading this POSt (i apologiZe fOr my poor English... and MY faulty keyboard Which lives its last mOments...)

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