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Thread: Should I even bother?

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    Question Should I even bother?


    This is a question for all you professional concept artists. I live in Canada,and lets pretend that I'm actually a decent artist...anyways,I was wondering how hard it would it be to get work outside Canada(relocating) ,like in the States,Europe,Asia,etc...? I really like travelling and experiencing other cultures.
    Are work visa's difficult to come by? I heard somewhere that they were. Provided that I have a good portfolio,should I even bother applying outside my country?

    If you could give me some advice,I'd really appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance,
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    Do it!

    My advice is this -

    The employer pays relocation and rerelocation (back home), apartment rent whilst you are there (at least for the trial period if there is one), the interview travel fares and hotel costs (don't forget cab fair to and fro the airport).

    The I also require that the employer takes cares of all legal work and residence visas. I they really want me and are serious about they are doing then this is no hassel for them, they have done it before.

    Then again your portfolio has to be kick ass and your experience and professionalism very high.

    I know lots of people who work in the animation and games business that travel the world, following the productions. A year here and year there. Sometimes 3 years in one place.

    It depends on what kind of life style you want.

    I ask myself, if I can do it from home why move? Can I work with them long distance with a fast broadband? Will they accept that. I have worked this way between Norway, LA, Belgum and Sweden and it worked fine. The only problem was the time difference (if you wanna see that as a problem).


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