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  • nohoper

    1 2.08%
  • AdrianNagorski

    0 0%
  • Jagder

    5 10.42%
  • c-rallis

    25 52.08%
  • Dahlia

    7 14.58%
  • Corrick

    23 47.92%
  • SubwayDoodle

    0 0%
  • Andrew Ritchie

    13 27.08%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    IOW #7 - Alien Invasion - Voting

    Voting for Illustration of the Week #7 - Alien Invasion

    WIP thread can be found here.

    Remember to include two WIPs no larger than 375 pixels in the longest dimension. Full size WIPs has to be posted in the WIP thread.


    Remember to use the attachment manager.

    Deadline is Sunday 23th of October, 23:59 GMT

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    Close Encounter

    I like my Alien stuff to be mysterious.

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    I guess I call this finished. Although I'm not 100% satisfied.
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    Here goes

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    IOW #7 - Alien Invasion - Voting
    IOW #7 - Alien Invasion - Voting
    New World Creation: Designers Wanted – Environment of the Week

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    Hi All,

    This is my first post. It's a pleasure to join the fun. I draw on my iPad while I commute on the subway. I use the Brushes app.
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    IOW #7
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    Aksel is busy in Sweden, so I put up the poll for everyone to vote. It's a multivote so you don't have to pick a single favourite .

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    Cool round guys! Unfortunately was unable to really work on anything, but I'm sure another cool oppurtunity will turn up!

    nohoper: textures are a bit unconvincing becasue of the muddiness. I can still make out the scene, but the image still looks like a work in progress, because it is in need of a lot of refining.

    AdrianNagorski: very cool scene, it's actually reminescent of the transformers 3 movie in a way. The cityscape could use a bit more atmosphere, because there isn't a lot of contrast between the foreground presense in the image and the rest of the image. Also I think the use of some darker grey colours to give it that mood of 'All is lost' and perhaps some dramatic lighting on the characters in the front, even making this a night scene, the city can be lit up by the fires throughout the city giving it an eerie orange glow, and the characters are lit by a ship's spotlight or something. But the main issue is that the composition is in need of some contrast.

    Jagder: exceptional as always, although if the thread wasn't titled Alien Invasion' I wouldn't have known this was an illustration depicting that. Add something to the image to show an alien presence (which I'm assuming is the vertical lines which represent sort of a meteor-like advance onto Earth) In your earlier wips it was a little more obvious because the vertical lines area little more prominent in the image

    c-rallis: Very cool depictiong of the topic and great mood overall. Adding the blaster gun on one of the aliens gives it that threatening look as if they are not here to make friends, and a great way to show that this is an invasion, that will most likely be an inevitable end for the primitive humans. Only real problem I have is that while teo of the cavemen show alert poses ans postures, the one kneeling seems a little too relaxed with his arms just resting on his knee, looks like he's just casually reaching for the spear as opposed to the obvious 'Oh sh- little green men are coming get my spear!!' that you were going for! You got my vote for originality because it isn't often aliens are depicted invading prehistoric humans! Good job!

    Dahlia: Very tense image, great rendering on the people, the alien could use a bit more attention, though. And although you get a tenseness, you could changed the angel of the image to improve the tenseness. I think you could've also added some king of shadow from the alien's hand or head, to add to that as well.

    Corrick: O_O! That is awesome! I can see now that you can make awesome creatures and not just awesome environments. I like how you added little bits in the foreground to really shift the focus to the center, from the guy pointing, to the debris flying randomly but still leading the eye to the montsrocity in the center. I think the form of the alien could've been pushed just a tad, and even adding more of those aliens walking and climbing on the buildings, just to give it that extra feeling that it's an invasion. Either way you got my second vote this round! Awesome work as always!

    SubwayDoodle: Another tense scene. However once again you could have chosen a better angle to show this, what you could've done for example is shw the human from the front and in behind you have the alien or several aliens. The alien's pose looks a little too stiff as well.

    AndrewRitchie: Very neat take on the subject. There are a few problems with the image. 1 the farmer character looks a little too relaxed for what is standing right next to him, and 2 the pure black shadows seems a little much for the image. For your style I'd recommendyou try cross hatching so the shadows will appear darker but will still have that coloured information that won't make it look odd.
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    My thoughts hate it or love it, hope it helps either way:
    I voted for c-rallis and Andrew Ritchie

    nohoper :
    its an image thats makes me wonder what happens next, it doesnt really say alien invasion at all,
    drawing people from behind is difficult, you nailed the lighting in my opinion and a sort of story,
    although your image seems sort of incomplete, color wise its seems that you deliberately used just a few
    which is good and hard, the orange pinkish light i assume is fire? you should of bounced some of that
    same color on your characters, since it too emits light.

    AdrianNagorski :
    Alien ships seems incomplete, smoke on left seems out of place, foreground laser strike doesn't
    seem like its behind the buildings, human in front sucks, water corner needs more work reflection is odd
    aliens angle is incorrect, obvious use of photos.

    Jagder :
    An interesting approach i would say the invasion element is subtle at best, the smoke streaks from the sky
    (black downwards) is cool but doesn't really explain where or why, i see you tried to soften in the background
    fron the fore ground, the brush marks left behind clash with the alien black spots in the sky, with certain sections
    of the foreground it seems blurred, like the main focus is the clear ground between the train tracks. Its a nice
    painting to it has atmosphere and a nice mood to it, the trees are a little fat pointy at the tops.
    I noticed your chow image blows this one totally away, your hitting all the marks just maybe more time on these??

    c-rallis :
    The only think that makes it not totally an invasion - it does already, but the foreground alien needs a weapon as well
    the background alien with the gun was a stroke of genius, well painted love the cave men and the lighting great work
    on the anatomy as well, i did notice a few short cuts taken here and there with middle ground and the left part of your image
    but again it hardly matters since the warm to cool variation between the aliens and cave men tell the story already and
    you hardly look at the cave. nice work

    Dahlia :
    Humans extremely well painted aliens not so much, i like the great sense of emotion convade in this one and the instantaneously
    different take and story this image generates. I think a weapon in one of the aliens arms would of elevated your piece alot,
    good work with lighting its difficult to light imaged objects, i guess thats why you used warmer light on the aliens
    and darked them out to so not to much making them silouttes but sort of a metaphor that the light/freedom is the aliens domain
    as the hums have to hide in the dark in fear.

    Corrick :
    I like the aliens design, the explosion seems more like a focus point for the viewer to rather look at the aliens, the reason
    i say that is because its unclear how the explosion was created so it doesn't totally fit in, liking the debry and force
    of wind created form that explosion, not totally sure what to say concerning the building , the angle shot is great, as well
    as distance is well portraid. one of the humans seems just to take it a little too easy. Nice art as always!

    SubwayDoodle :
    A nice original idea, hard point of view to work from, you seems to get most of the lighting done well, event the background
    fits a night scene perfectly, my only critique would be that the alien seems like he just wants to tickle the man, even thought
    its got crazy teeth and looks a little skeletal creepy. Extremely well done for using your ipad on this one!!!!

    Andrew Ritchie :
    Very cool, like comics, the fear in the dog is great, even the story of how the alien came to be is great with the background
    spaceship crash. I noticed you shadowed all the main elements, but no shadow for the barn? A very cool composition.

    Rob Powell: time was the main issue for me as well, but your right i didn't think of making it a night scene and
    lack of contrast. I wasn't thinking of transformers tho but i see the sort of connection I guess , i went for the most obvious portrayal of an alien invasion
    thanks for the comment.

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    Has to be Corrick for me. Classic and classy

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    C-Rallis and Corrick great jobs! C-Rallis for the idea, use of color and composition. Corrick for the clean and sharp execution.

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