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  • dtouched

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  • Wiggen

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  • Sushy

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  • c-rallis

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  • Scimthar

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  • Ricardo Robles

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  • Rob Powell

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  • albino-z

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  • Aeronik

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    C.O.W. #233. Black Beauty - VOTING!

    C.O.W. #233 Black Beauty_Voting!



    Topic: Black Beauty

    Deadline for the voting: November 2nd

    Round Requirements (read BEFORE voting):
    - The creature must be entirely black (95% minimum)

    - The creature must be extraordinarily beautiful in some way
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    Artist: amyersco

    Concept: Dreamcatcher Ifrit
    A rare nocturnal beast that feeds on the disturbed emotions and tears of people in nightmares. Its delicate sensor tendrils emit a soothing light and pheromones that aid in moving the sleeper into a deeper, more restful sleep. The Dreamcatcher Ifrit is eyeless and relies on sonar and empathy-based tracking in order to move around. Its irridescent feathers and sleek hide make very little noise, and the Ifrit itself has hollow bones that give it a light weight, rarely disturbing the people it lands on.

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    Artist: dtouched
    Concept: Obsifish
    An exoskeleton creature living in the underwater, post-vulcanic caverns. Nests in the boulders of magma rocks such as basalt or obsidian. Feeds with minor sea lifeforms, attracted to the luminous parts.
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    Artist: Wiggen

    Concept: Beaky the Crow-Walrus

    Years in the future after the Waterworld scenario plays out, some birds have evolved back into sea-dwelling denizens. Their sleek, beautiful skin is highly sought after, though adults tend to mar their coats through mating battles. One of them actually eats Kevin Costner, but you don't see that in the movie.

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    Artist: Sushy

    Concept: Butterbunny

    An elegant yet conceited rabbit-like creature. It likes big fields of grass, carrots and flowers. They are known to have very soft fur.

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    Artist: c-rallis

    Concept: Vel A'fee of the storms

    This is one of the sacred creatures in the kingdom of the elves. It is called Vel A'fee and it is the creature that rules storms, clouds and the mighty thunder. It has the form of a deer, with four eyes, large wings and a long tail that helps for maneuvers while flying. In elvish, the word Vel means "black" and A'fee means "beauty". The reason of such a name is obvious. Vel A'fee, is hermaphrodite and a calf is born once every 1000 years. It is said that he who posses one of this creature's antlers, can tame the thunder and use it at his will. However, no one has ever dared to kill a Vel A'fee.
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    Oops, forgot about C.O.W until now. *rushed*

    Artist: Scimthar

    Concept: Pantera Toxica
    Along with the apocalyptic extinction which finally led to humankind's demise many other creatures perished: about 95% of all fauna and flora disappeared, whilst others mutated and evolved to adapt, efficiently transforming their own deathbed into an environment where they could gorge themselves.
    The Pantera Toxica is one of these, along with its slick black fur, essential to survive on the constantly frozen wastelands, it developed an unique gastrointestinal system which enables it to feast on the toxic waste left behind by human constructions, which also lends the pantera it's characteristic green tips, along with huge green eyes, used to seeing through all the snow and ice.

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    Artist: Ricardo Robles

    Concept: Giant Libellula

    This creature is born in the darkest swamp sludge, where light can barely go through. At first stages it feeds on lizards, rats and little mammals but in more mature stages it begins hunting goats, cows and even humans if they come near their egg nests. The poisoned sting, long dagger-like, is the Giant Libellula´s most feared feature.

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    Artist: Rob Powell

    Concept: Umbraxias

    It is thought that sunset and sunrise are some of the world's most beautiful occurances, only during these occurances can the human eyes see a grand creature, known as Umbraxias, the Shadow Serpent. The sight of this creature is very rare indeed and the iridescent colours that glimmers off of it's skin is said to be enchanting. Upon an encounter one can notice almost 'sign language' like gestures made by it's small forearms, legends say that the creature is casting a spell to bring the light or darkness to the world. While some believe it is communicating with the souls of those who have past during the previous day or night.
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    Art is not about competing against others and being better than everyone else, but it is about competing against yourself and discovering your greatest potential!

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    Artist: Tsabu

    Concept: Black Pea

    Black Pea is a small creature that lives in muddy zones, usually located near seas.
    In mating seasons Black Pea males are getting elegant fur on their tales where they also got aromatic seeds used to lure females.

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    Artist: Palladium

    Concept: Chiropteran

    Chiropteran is a winged beast of the night. Said to reside in and around mountain ranges where it can keep a keen eye, or eyes,(six to be exact) on any unsuspecting travelers journeying on the nearby roads. It eats everything of the bodies, but has a habit of taking anything shiny back to it's lair, where it uses them to create a makeshift nest to rest upon. Travelers BEWARE, it is safer to sleep at night rather than journey, because from Dusk till Dawn the Chiropteran will be on the prowl.
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    Artist: Lunipard

    Concept: Elwen

    Locals are sure this creature stem from a beautiful woman who, in a state of heartbreak, threw herself in the river.

    It is known for it's grace, its intelligence and gentle spirit. Lost fishermen can always count on the elwens to bring them home. The name is elvish, meaning starry maiden, as the night sky is reflected brightly in their scales.

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    Artist: albino-Z

    Concept: Dusk Devourer
    This harmless ectoplasmic drake variant, will feed off sun rays during the sunset, giving an eclipse-like effect and prolonging night for several hours.

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    Artist: Aeronik

    Concept: Lowland Hairless Mank
    Not truly hairless, the Mank nevertheless likes to cuddle for warmth. Combined with an outgoing personality and insatiable curiosity it makes and excellent pet - though it will demand a considerable investment of time and body armour. Tip: have plenty of guests over to offset the huge food bill!

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    Artist: ZenithDeLunaris

    Concept: Lightpaw Shadowweaver

    description: This mammal is only about at tall as a large housecat but it's long limbs, pitch black body, glowing purple eyes, and ability to walk almost unheard have led locals to believe it has mystical powers over shadows and darkness.

    ((In the end I couldn't resist another catlike creature since Halloween is just around the corner I had the idea to do something somewhat reminiscent of the scared cat pose and it just kinda turned into this))

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