I'm not asking how to color in Photoshop, rather I'm asking about how Photoshop 7 is displaying colors...
Photoshop Coloring Help!

Rather than show the spectrum I'm trying to have it mix the foreground and background color. But when does blue mix with white turn teal, grean, then yellow? And that only happens when the foreground is blue and background is white. When the colors are switched it mixes the colors fine. It happens to other colors too. Like red and blue, green and red, and a couple others. I'm using RGB btw. I would've thought mixing red and green would result in a brownish color since they're compliments. In Photoshop it has yellow between red and green.

I suppose I'm expecting Photoshop to mix colors as if they're real paint and it just can't simulate it. Does Painter mix paint realistically? Better than Photoshop?