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    Emsley Logo

    Logo for a friends startup Decorating business... completed today.

    Produced so it can be themed for promotions etc.

    Initial Concept is the singular, then realigned, variations produced and as final in the montage.

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    I assume from the fact that your displaying your logo as a graphic rather than a style guide that you have no professional experience or knowledge of logo design.

    anyway, is your logo in EPS/AI? with so much splatter, it doesn't look very scalable. Also your font choice is way off, doesn't speak 'painting and decorating' to me. I think you need to do more research and get more inspiration before you make a logo. Look at paint/interior design/fashion/decorating colours, photos and related shapes/symbols. Do a lot more thumbnails and draw some better colours from your inspiriation and stick to 1 - 2 colours and up to 3 supporting colours. Pastels seem a much better choice, i have never seen anyone paint or decorate anything in bright blue.
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    First off, it's a decorating busniss too not just painting right? So in that case bright blue can still work, and even if it is ment to reflect painting, it is very reminiscent of blue painter's tape.

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    I dont like it, looks like a logo for a children's product like a paint set or something. The paint splatters are to chaotic, you must of used a grunge texture or brush free from the net because your displaying no control over the use of it. The bounding box should be pixel perfect totally crisp edges, not blurry like the left hand side(as we're looking at it) displays. I'd like to see something more creative and less cliche for a painting/decorating subject. I assume they want their company to be perceived as unprofessional.

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    I am not crazy about the glossy iproduct text: I like it on a smartphone, dislike it everywhere else- particularly in print work.

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    without knowing anything about the brand/company, its impossible to say weather its appropriate or not. what i like is that its young and full of energy. its not a typical, stale paint supplier. theres some creativity and playfulness here

    the word mark is quite nice. the curves on the S is a bit funny, but set inside the square makes for a lot of creative possibilities and easy to change colors. the splatters behind the square are fine, it could make for nice marketing material (print ads, business cards, etc).

    id like to see more of the logo applications, but this is something a client would enjoy. need more examples for your portfolio though. or, a more "basic" version.
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    Help and inspiration... maybe

    To me it looks like an image or logo one might find on a snowboard or something similar. I like the idea of incorporating a painting reference, but the painters tape idea gets lost since the color is referenced instead of the shape or silhouette. I may be wrong but it seems like you were going for a modern look. The splatter marks break the clean line of modern design, if that is the look you are going for. WETSTYLE, Luxxbox, Interior Deluxe, and kÜl grilles have great examples of modern logos. I would recommend doing an abstraction of or hinting to an action in your logo since it has action verbs in it. I hope you don't mind but I did a quick logo that incorporates the words from yours and a painting reference. Notice the green hinting at the action of painting. I could rip my example apart, but it's only to illustrate what I have said. I have done freelance decorating and have many books and magazines on the topic. The number one tool a decorator always has, is the paint roller. That's why I chose it. If you don't like the roller idea then a block color in the W/M pattern painters use when applying paint could work. With that you would have the ref. to painting and the action. I do like your logo minus the spatter for the application, I would also play with the fonts to see if there may be a better fit. The main thing is, does your client like it. I have done freelance logo designs before and have had to walk away from bad logos I've done because the client liked what they saw. To clarify, they liked the first idea I tossed out while brainstorming, and if anyone has ever done logo designs before they know the high numbers of ideas and thumbnail sketches that go into them. One sketch does not a logo make. To conclude, take a look at the links below, reread all of the comments, then look at your work and decide if you like the finale product. If your satisfied and the client is too then you have arrived.

    Emsley Logo

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