@stpete: Hehe thanks man ! well not really regarding the pictures. I do use pictures sometimes yes, but on this one I didn't really. I used one at the very beginning ( like 10 minutes in), but really just to get a couple of ideas. I didn't keep anything from it though, it's all painted if that's your question

@Mila : Thanks ! I love 40k, I should do a fanart of that sometime.... might be fun to do !

@Lastgen : Sadly I don't often draw on pencil. It's a shame I know...! Maybe I'll try doing some during lunch breaks in the summer or something, I'll try doing some when I can, promise ! .

@bobtail: Regarding the progress, you can find some videos on my livestream channel (read previous posts). I'll try making a step by step of the next painting I'll do, if I get the time

@Jaik : Hope to see you on it then !