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    The block-in process Tutorial

    The tutorial is by Tenaya Sims, instructor and founder of Georgetown Atelier. This tutorial puts emphasis on keeping in mind the overall design before going down into details as well as linking anatomical landmarks to create an integrated drawing of the figure.

    [Tutorial URL]


    I like to approach any drawing or painting project in these simple terms:

    1) Envision what you want to express and what is most critical to communicate.

    2) Work towards that vision, and take advantage of any unexpected discoveries that further it.

    3) Solve the problems that are compromising your vision.

    In constructing a figure drawing, depending on the pose I will use different variations of a technique commonly referred to as a ‘Block-In’.

    The Block-In: Overview

    Learning to work from the ‘Broad to the Specific’ is a reoccurring theme and educational cornerstone of the curriculum I teach. The visual world is full of complexity. Learning to simplify that complexity in an elegant manner is a top educational priority and tall-order challenge. In other words, seeing the ‘big picture’ is much harder then seeing the minute detail. It is a natural tendency to gravitate towards the details at the expense of the broad design; to jump into rendering the eyelashes and fingernails without building the ‘archtecture’ of the figure. Take a moment to view the Bargue drawing below.

    The block-in process Tutorial
    The design structure of the block-in (left) translates into the rendered version (right)
    Take notice of how the block-in on the left is a simplified or ‘distilled’ version of the further developed image on the right. The block-in on the left not only establishes the proportions and anatomical structure, but also links together the shapes and forms in a designed manner. The illustration below highlights some of these design themes.

    Please visit the link to read the rest of this 3-part tutorial. [Link]

    Feedback welcome.
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    Awesome tutorial. It seems like a very good school, I would move to Seattle just to study there !!

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