My name is Linus Lindbalk. I'm a professional artist working with matte painting in the film industry. My focus is on environments as goes with that type of work, although I'm constantly trying to expand my knowledge of figure drawing and design.

I'm looking to become a professional freelance illustrator as well, which is why I'm posting here for critique. I would of course also like comments and critique on my matte paintings!

What I'd like in terms of feedback specifically is what impression my general portfolio gives, which pieces stand out in terms of quality (good and bad) as well as what direction I should consider taking when it comes to studying anatomy, design etc. Basically what I obviously need to become better at.

Also, I have a question regarding a portfolio that pulls in many directions. For example, my portfolio contains three different categories - matte painting, retouch and illustration - some of them contain more finished pieces than others, and so do you guys think it hurts more than it helps when a potential client looks at the illustration page and then wanders off to maybe the retouch page and sees stuff he's not impressed by?
To frame the question differently - do you think that the potential risk of seeming to want to do too much outweighs the potential benefit of having a general portfolio that someone in either field might stumble upon and like?

Here's a link to my portfolio:

and some images from it: