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Thread: C.O.W.#232, Maturation. Voting!

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    C.O.W.#232, Maturation. Voting!

    C.O.W. #232 Maturation_Voting!



    Topic: Maturation

    Deadline for the voting: October 26th

    Requirements this week...

    - the child form must be beautiful, and not have any physical attributes of a violent fighting creature.

    - the adult form must be ugly, and must have acquired some kind of biological weaponry like spikes, horns, claws, fangs, etc. Through its metamorphosis.

    - the child and adult forms must share some physical traits so that you can tell that they are of the same species.
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    Artist: DPFX

    Concept: Duososteuthis Atrox

    Uh...first? Okay, so I didn't exactly pick up on the whole 'two week challenge' concept. Now y'all have a whole week to hate it! C'mon, slow pokes!

    "Measuring less than a centimeter in length at birth, the Atrox can grow to over sixteen feet across and weigh five tons. Adults have a foul temper and an aversion to writing clever descriptions."
    Will design for food, provided that we all agree that money is edible.

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    Sorry if it looks too bright; bad monitor.
    cute little creature, but when it gets older it totally changes.The only similarity remaining is in the head.
    the eyes are much sharper in the adult and all the other senses too.
    Attachment 1343484
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    Artist: amyersco

    Concept: Canis Pagurus - "Crab Hound"

    Immature Canis Pagurus are often mistaken for harmless creatures, as early on they feed solely on low-lying foliage found near marshes and other water-bound areas. Young Canis Paguri have large floppy feet for better purchase on slippery and muddy surfaces, and numerous small grinding teeth in a wide jaw with which to grind vegetation. They are defenseless without an adult nearby, and rely on a tough back plate growths as protection while fleeing into water from would-be attackers.

    The adult Canis Pagurus, however, cannot be mistaken for anything but a predator --- while its immense size makes it a formidable combatant for even the largest prey, it often spends its time partially submerged in waterways with its eye stalks tilted out of the water, stalking unwary herbivores that wander down the shoreline to drink. The three-toed forelegs are heavily muscled and are sometimes used to help strike down other animals as well as in territorial disputes between other Canis Pagurus packs. The back legs are tilted to provide immense bursts of both forward and vertical speed, enabling an ambushing Canis Pagurus to explode out of hiding.
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    Artist: Si_Swe

    Concept: Plumed Lumbox (and Ash Greel)

    In the ashlands of Caliope's fourth planet, researchers noted a strange pattern. The Plumed Lumbox seemed to have no real natural predators, despite being a fairly healthy portion for any one of the many predators in the area. But even the Aspynx would leave them well enough alone most of the time. Slowly the reason became clear. Upon observing a Lumbox for an entire day it was discovered that the Ash Greel's (the apex predators of the area) would often escort the Lumbox around it's daily activities. There was no symbiosis here, the Lumbox provided no advantage to the Ash Greel, and the Ash Greel would mercilessly protect the small herbivores.

    It was not until a six month research expedition that it was finally uncovered why this was. Scientists observed that at approximately a year old, the Plumed Lumbox would begin to eat excessive amounts, slowly shedding their feathers. Over this period they would begin to lose their attractive frills and feathers, as well as their bright colouring, slowly turning a purple-grey ash colour. The Lumbox would begin to grow slight tusks and secondary and tertiary mandible structures as well as, most unusual of all, would begin scavenging meat from the Greels' kills. It would remain like this for two weeks, gorging itself until it became obese and nearly unable to move, whereupon the researchers realized they were about to witness the birth of an Ash Greel. The Lumbox-Ash Greel relationship was actually parent and child, not some odd one-sided symbiosis.

    The transformation is noted as being brutal and bloody. The creature triples in size over the course of a single day. The limbs extend and the mutated tendons push themselves out of the skin in the first, forming membrane over themselves but leaving odd holes in the legs. Finally, and most painfully, the membranes on the creature's face begin to split. Over time, the creature's skull will rip itself the Ash Greel's signature 4-way jaw and the Lumbox's yellow eye will grow over into a sensory membrane. Adult Ash Greel's must bring food to the freshly transformed Ash Greels immediately or they will not live. The transformation leaves the Ash Greel too weak to properly hunt for two days, after which it will begin hunting for itself, and shortly thereafter will search for a mate. Male Ash Greels are solitary, leaving the female Ash Greel's to look after the Lumbox. If a male Ash Greel attempts to approach the immatured Lumbox, the female will often attack, and sometimes kill, the male.
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    Artist: Heimdayel

    Concept: Janus Ranauis

    no more time to work on this, and starting to look overworked so here goes...

    Seemingly a cross between a frog and a bird that turned wrong, the Ranauis got its name from the ancient Greek's two-faced god Janus. When first encountered, it would be easy to think the creature docile and harmless, seemingly perpetually inebriated from too much belladonna berries and fermented fruits. It is only at the age of one that the Ranauis show their other face, that of a vicious, blood-hungry beasts.

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    Artist: jagder

    Concept: Volk

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    Artist: SebastianHampen

    Concept: Grillasaurus Rex

    Attachment 1344635

    Hi guys,
    sorry no time for big descriptions, Gotta be heading to work.

    Eversince Peter Jacksons King Kong I wanted to know what a Grillasaurus Rex
    would look like. Now I do
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    Artist: Whiskey Sour

    Concept: Mufumbo

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    Artist: Pat Thompson

    Concept: Atrox Pilosus Custos
    (Terrible Fluffly Guardian) "The Cute Death" among the Inuits

    Habitat Range: Migrates between temperate grasslands and tundra.

    Maturation Cycle: One week at the end of its first year. The infant creature is naturally baggy and obese, allowing its muscles and bones to grow rapidly on its birthday, and uses it fat reserves to fuel the transformation. Read the story below the illustration to learn the grisly tale of its maturation ritual.

    Attachment 1345348

    Description: Maturation Ritual
    The Inuit have a strange legend of a creature that lures its victims to their doom - not with sinful temptation, nor promises of pleasure or wealth - but with the very things that make us human - compassion and mercy.

    For when this creature turns a year old, the mother will leave it seemingly unattended in the snows or grasslands near its nest. Humans that wander close enough will hear cries like that of a human infant, and when they come to the source, discover a baby so cute, beautiful, and fluffy that they cannot resist picking it up, and take it home to give it to their wives or children.

    The mother then stalks the humans back to their village, where upon its arrival, skewers them to a man. It allows the infant creature to gorge itself in the gore, reaching levels of obesity that are unheard of. Once it has feasted to its satisfaction, the mother digs a new nest into the snow or dirt, where it will rapidly grow into its future adult form.

    So if one day you are walking in the snows or high grasses, and you hear the pitiful cry of a lone babe - run.

    ~ Pat Thompson 白龙 ~
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    Artist: JaapOomen

    Concept: Spunny

    Make sure to kill it with fire before it's first birthday

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    Artist: ChromaticCodex

    Concept: Elephant Killer
    This parasitic creature reproduces by knocking out large warm blooded creatures with its venom and keeping them alive but sedated long enough to gestate its eggs. The young don't need to be fierce as they can survive off of the host body for their first year of life.
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    Artist: Charanty

    Concept: Noola-quru

    Noola-quru from northern forests of Guanyin IV changes so drastically during its maturation that for quite a long time it was thought to be two different species.
    "Noolas" are shy fawn-sized creatures that prefer to hide or/and run from a slightest danger or what they think is a danger, while "Qurus" (who are actually grown up "Noolas") have size of a bull, strength of a two and bad temper of the ten. They will attack almost anything and anyone who is stupid enough to wander into their territory.
    Universal reason isn't always fair but it has an amazing sense of humour.

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