Sketchbook: Me and my pixels going wild (crit appreciated!)
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    Me and my pixels going wild (crit appreciated!)

    Hello world,
    suppose i should introduce myself a little bit before i bore you to the dead with another "i dont wanna flip burgers at (insert fastfood chain here)" sketchbook. Currently im 23 yo student of Aesthetics and Comparative art studies at MUNI (Czech Rep.) and i was attracted by art and graphic design since high school. I wanted to go at art college, but something went wrong (like usual) so thats why im studying Aesthetics if you are asking Now i want to go back on that trail and this is part of my way there. I was drawing before, but im very lazy person and i wasnt able to force myself to draw everyday because my motivation was focused more on MMOs and stuff so i start pretty much from beginning. I want to work in illustration / concept art / design for entertainment industry (gaming ideally) mainly in 2D with touch of third dimension (Zbrush etc. but that has time).

    TLDR; wanna draw cool robots for money

    Here are some of my recent works. Im still struggling with tablet interface so my lines are fuzzy and warp tool call me master, but i hope it gets better. In near future im planning to start focusing mainly on human anatomy combining it with drawing still life from photo reference. I will be thankful for any advice or comment and if is there anybody working in the field and willing to mentor my way I will be one happy human.
    See ya soon

    Please look on last page and rate my improvement or criticise. It will be very appreciated

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