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    Photoshop question 7.0

    hi guys and gals
    As usual when I got some questions about almost everything I call for you... and as it been ever successful, here I go again:
    My girl has a whole bunch of "mugshots" that she is going to put in a broschyre (printed folder) for a school (jobstuff, not for fun ). I made them into just black/white (one colour, black, monotone).
    But they want all black lines to be red, and basically you can just change the colour from black to red in the image mode...

    But is there a way to do this fast, all pictures at once, as doing them one by one will take hours??

    right now they work with the mode "Duotone" , with one ink (making it monotone I guess)

    Hope I made myself halfclear at least
    My work as a tattooer

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    Are you familiar with actions? You could record an action that would replicate whatever process you want to an image at the touch of the button. This would at least save you some time, as opposed to going through the menus and making your choices.

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    If you just want to change the blacks/grays to be reds then you could always just change the brush to red and then change mode to either overlay, or something along those lines. Make the brush really large, and just cover the entire image. It'll change all the blacks/grays into Reds equal to the black or gray you go over. Really, really quick, and very effective.

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    You mean a monochrome brochure ?
    As the others already mentionned, use actions.
    open your action palette, create a new action and it'll start recording what you're doing. I assume your image is in grayscale at this point..
    turn your image to CMYK or RGB (whatever works best for you),
    create a new layer,
    fill it with the red you want,
    set the blending mode of the red layer to Overlay or Color,
    Flatten and Save (you can choose to leave it as-is with layers).

    Be sure to hit the "stop" icon on your action palette so it stops recording your actions.
    You can now either open each file and hit "play" after having selected your newly created action, or you can batch a whole folder worth.

    On word of advice when you File>Automate>Batch... tho : ALWAYS launch a batch on copies of the files you want to batch. I made a few screwups in my actions before -like running the action on the first image twice-, and you can't ctrl-z on that one !
    So copy all the files you want to turn in red (save for the first one if you've already saved it in red when you recorded your action) and fire away !

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