Nisshoku: Thanks! and well I think lines can really help create a dynamic drawing, and give it a sense of movement. But as for helping with detail and tone values, they aren't that good unless you dedicate your time to hatch a drawing to create a blending effect (lines a lot closer together), I see a lot of good artists use hatching to add tone to portraits with graphite/charcoal, but thank you!
ColeBot612: Hahah I'm sorry man I'm still a noob myself,
but the time I've been on here I've been given really helpful advice by a majority of amazing artists.
Studying from life has really helped me a lot to develop my proportions a lot faster, because switching from photos to life can be a little difficult for artists who like to study from photos (me), but it is so much more helpful, because it's pushing your abilities.
Just try and draw as much as you can, the more you draw the faster you will improve, and when it comes to anatomy/photo studies really take your time to be as accurate as possible
as you can see I need to try and start on colouring now so I need to find some good resources for learning to paint digitally (look up Harold Speeds oil painting for traditional painting, very good book).
Pedro Cardoso: Thanks man, I'm not sure what to say about the photoshop advice, I'd really like to get good at colouring/painting with digital media, but I appreciate your satisfaction towards my work, it's a good motivational boost for me if people like my work, and even if they don't and just give a reliable crit.

Just some quick ones from this week, I'll catch up with some studies over the weekend.
Sculpture study from Victoria museum, I have more from life that I'll upload on the weekend, and a photo study of Gwyneth Paltrow.
Name:  Life study & Photo study.jpg
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Bridgman studies, and Some doodles from Imagination.
Name:  Imagination & Bridgman.jpg
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Digi paint study WIP.
Name:  Walternate WIP.jpg
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