Riley Stark Thank you for your comment and welcoming me to the group. I answered your questions in your thread as you know now

Mat Kaminski Thanks Yes I really that way of shading and will definitely try to improve this...

triggerpigking Thanks for dropping by. I just checked out your sketchbook, I will leave you some words when I have moment later. I just need to get things ready for work at the moment. Cheers for the welcome.

bobtail Hey Thanks for stopping by. I do use a hard round brush most of the time. I don't touch opacity really. Most of these images are done with different demo software and open source, so there are some varied effects. the eyes (the most recent) are done with a program called Krita. Really amazing, but very buggy at the moment as it is new. The really soft looking ones earlier on this page are actually done with blending my pencil work in Corel Sketchpad. Just experimenting a little really. I will drop by your thread soon.


Ok, This weekend has been a bit crazy. I am moving house soon (PANIC!) Also today was fathers day and I forgot But I spent the whole day with my father at a model airshow. It was pretty cool. Got some good reference. Father also gave me a ton of photos from my parents holiday recently. Some epic landscape there. I will be sure to studies of them.

But, unfortunately this is all I have to show. 1 hour screencap for fun and trying to get more into colour....