View Poll Results: Which creature best preserves the Legacy of the Siberian Tiger?

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  • Draugth

    11 13.75%
  • Rob Powell

    8 10.00%
  • foofoo

    7 8.75%
  • Ishren

    0 0%
  • DPFX

    0 0%
  • sepu

    4 5.00%
  • LMP

    3 3.75%
  • Scimthar

    0 0%
  • monotony

    6 7.50%
  • defecticon001

    0 0%
  • v-lkry

    11 13.75%
  • Arbinn

    5 6.25%
  • albino-z

    9 11.25%
  • Dranyer

    41 51.25%
  • GoldenSerpent

    49 61.25%
  • RicoD

    7 8.75%
  • ninety9

    0 0%
  • J-Sun

    2 2.50%
  • DanSchallock

    1 1.25%
  • ZenithDeLunaris

    0 0%
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    C.O.W. #231. Siberian Legacy - VOTING!

    C.O.W. #231 Siberian Legacy_Voting!



    Topic: Siberian Legacy

    Deadline for the voting: October 12th.
    Round Requirements (Read BEFORE voting!):
    - The creature must have visible tiger-like elements to it's design

    - The creature should be significantly different from a siberian tiger (The tiger is not the base species)

    - The creature must have stripes
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    Artist: Draugth

    Concept: Striped Stalker

    The mix of a extraterrestrial monkey like creature whit Siberian tiger genes gave place to this creature, a strong and smart creature, escaped whit it's fellows from experimentation labs and became voracious predators, adapted to the forest environment.

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    Artist: Rob Powell

    Concept: Specimen 47 Stalker-Hybrid

    After several expeditions, the human race has finally come into contact with a planet with sustainable life. Surprisingly many of the fauna that inhabit this planet are very much similar to that of our own wildlife on Earth, specifically a creature nicknamed simply as 'The Stalker,' which displays similar characterisitcs to the critically endangered Siberian Tigers. DNA splicing was commenced to help recreate the dying species. Most tests have proven to be unsuccessful resulting in the death of the created embryoes shortly after fertilization. However one subject has survived past the embryonic stage to develop into a fetus. Eventually an infant was born, the first success. Initial examinations of the newly created creature show no major abnormalities, however as the specimen has matured and developed into an adult, it abopted the features of it's alien ancestor as well as kept the characteristics of our tiger species. The creature displays a much more aggressive nature than that of either species, therefore the creature is deemed a threat to human society and is to be kept contained within our facilities until further notice.
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    Artist: FooFoo

    Concept: ????

    This creature started appearing in this region in recent years and locals were astonished to find it resembling a tiger, because of the stripes on its body. At first they were very wary of human presence, keeping their distance and will run if anyone approaches. But recently they are getting bolder and will slowly approach a person if they are no sudden movement. So far no attacks on human by this creature has been reported, but locals are warned to keep their distance from them, as some of them has reported witnessing their aggressive nature when preying. Local authorities believed this creature is somehow related to a laboratory located high up the mountains....

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    Artist: Ishren

    Concept: Tiger Hound

    Cute, mischievous, and much smaller than the tigers they are bred from. Those fooled into believing they are domesticated run the risk of getting bitten or worse.

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    Artist: Totengraber

    Concept: Tiger Monkey
    It doesn't matter that his camouflage is terrible when he hunts like a tiger from the treetops.

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    Artist: DPFX

    Concept: Panthera Tigris Abomina

    Hmm...what time is it? One in the morning? Two? What...past five?! Okay...okay...I'm done.

    Tiger/alien hybrid.
    Will design for food, provided that we all agree that money is edible.

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    Artist: sepu

    Concept: Siberian Killer Pigeon

    scientists from Earth was trying for long time to stabilize siberian tiger legacy by mixing its DNA. mostly they did experiment with something more tame for easier breeding and useful, and preferably smaller.
    so, when they came up with successful mix with house pigeon, they was asked by governments of new farm-planets for help. their problem was farms being invaded by small local animals.

    new pigeon-tiger mix was improved with alien DNA(on each planet mix is a bit different) to get better chances of survival local weather conditions. when tests showed the new animal is indeed tame and playful towards humans but very aggressive when it hunts - flocks of Siberian Killer Pigeins was released into the fileds under strange suns.

    this new beautiful animal proved very efficent, survived and bred easly and now is favourite house pet among farmers of all worlds. different color versions are available at request, with parrot wings mix being the most popular.

    (and it loves scratching under his beak)
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    CoW 231 - Siberian Legacy

    Artist: LMP

    Concept: Siberian Prowler

    Deep in the north, a genetic research facility has at last created a hybrid between the near-extinct Siberian Tiger and a strange specimen from a newly discovered planet, recently pulled into our sun's orbit. The hybrid exhibits characteristics of a tiger but displays a greater resemblance to the unnamed alien creature. All that remains of the tiger is its heavily muscled physique and dark stripes that cross its thick hide.

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    Artist: Scimthar

    Concept: Frilled draco Tiger

    It is unknown of when this creature was first created, though most assume that it might have been engineering when the first alien lizard-like species were discovered. It was only when it started terrorizing the villages across the mountain tops that measures were taken to control the creature.

    The creature, although far different from its tiger ancestor, still exhibits some tiger features, such as the tiny paws sticking out of its body and the characteristic stripes.

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    Artist: monotony

    Concept: Kombe-Kichwa

    2095 - In an uncompared experiment rouge scientists have managed to combine the DNA of the Siberian Tiger with the one of the big Kombe-Kichwa.
    Since lots of tigers and lots of the just as endangered Kombe-Kichwa lost their lives due to the failed tests biologists around both of our worlds are shocked about this experiment. When asked about the objective of this interbreeding and splicing the scientists said they just loved the striped Kombe-Kichwa. Reporters got no comments as to why they didn't just save the tigers for our future.

    The last free living Siberian Tiger roaming the forrests died 7 years ago.

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    Artist: defecticon001

    Concept: Pearl Bog Titan

    In an attempt to save the endangered Siberian tiger, scientists have chosen DNA from the recently discovered titan, named after Saturn's moon on which it was found. The titan was chosen due to its ability to survive temperatures exceeding any extreme on earth and also, its skeletal armor. Combined with the tiger DNA, it is now able to venture into climates where human's cannot pursue the creature and if found during warmer seasons, the armor should provide enough protection to escape from poachers.

    Living on flora alone, the pearl bog titan is rarely without a bite to eat. If food does become scarce, it is able to slow its metabolism in order to preserve itself alive.

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    Artist: v-lkry

    Concept: Nemean Tiger

    Secured Data from an off-world breeding site:

    New specimen documented in Nemea-X7. To perserve the majesty of the Siberian tiger, new alien genes were introduced to enhance its physiology. Amongst the genes added include the newly discovered actinmin, which demolishes myostatin to produce astounding muscular strength, and an alien strain of somatotropin, to promote bone development. This specimen will be amongst the finest predator in the natural and manmade world.

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    Artist: Arbinn

    Concept: Generican Kitty Kat

    Genes of an alien predator were combined with the ones of a siberian tiger, which resulted in this fierce looking but cowardly hybrid that dares to hunt only small prey.

    What a pussy.

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    Artist: albino-Z

    Concept: Winter's Grin

    "Siberian Tiger + Martian Chicken = no no"
    -Unknown professor's notes

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