Hey, ConceptArt! I could really use some help with buying a new PC. Art-related, of course.

Long story short, my current computer is extremely old and nearly incapable of executing any of my tasks. I need a computer to handle high resolution digital painting, video editing and eventually, an animation or 3D modeling program for me to get my feet wet before I reapply at school.

The art programs I prefer are Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop (Elements and 7), though I would love to try Painter.

I've only about $900 to drop and with a measly part-time job, it's really hard to keep saving up. Can any of you hand me some specs or links for a computer that'd suit me within my price range? I've looked mostly at Dell (Boxxit is way out of my league, sigh), but I'm open to other suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your time.