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Thread: Is fantasy concept art and illustration completely superficial?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GHudston View Post
    You're a fool

    oh! well, then. But I do agree, after looking back at the great sci fi and fantasy that has moved me; it is often due to the use of fables and parables that I have found myself engrossed in deeper thought about our own real universe.

    Maybe I could use my drawing skills to help design better skull-bashing weapons or something, that would be cool. Yeah, now that I think about it, I'd be way more helpful than that chick, she's useless (plus, remember when she went out into the horde of zombies to save that dog who wasn't in any danger? stupid).
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    you answered your own question lol~

    arts, entertainment, communication can be really meaningful for society. it is what you want it to be superficial and petty or meaningful.

    OF COURSE that is going to seem petty and self-indulgent to some, but if you have a skill already why shouldn't you use it? Get used to people criticizing you. Embrace it. Let them call you petty or superficial (your parents ever do it? mine did) You will get used to it and learn how to handle it. Most people just appreciate the passion though. You can always train yourself to do other things that make money. Have you ever heard of digital tutors?

    Just kick back. Get a job at a place you find decent. Nobody can take drawing away from you.
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    I think fantasy art is actually improved by the influx of other disciplines. That's why some of the older high budget animes are so outstanding: they draw upon the resources of highly educated creators and implement real-world knowledge into building realistic mythical settings and characters. And yes, maybe it is selfish for me to say that those other disciplines can serve the agenda of creating better art, but as Vay so eloquently pointed out, the opposite is true as well.
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    I thought about either going into physics or art after High School; I was in indecision. I went with art, then later I felt that something was missing, because I also valued academics (luckily my college requires academics). If you find a value in something and you pursue it, then chances are, you won't regret it at the end of your life; on the contrary, you might regret at your death bed knowing you hadn't tried it, at least I will.
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    I ask myself the same question all the time
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