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    Alright LET'S DO THIS

    Hello! Thanks for ckecking out my sketchbook!

    For all intents and purposes, I'm kind of a beginner in art. I'm one of those people who drew anime a lot without really understanding how it worked But no more! I'm going to learn the fundamentals and draw awesomely!

    Here's some stuff to start off with. On pen and two pencil sketches. The chill guy striking a pose is a Bridgman study The other two pictures were drawn from magazines. I'm currently reading through the Bridgman book and have ordered some Loomis books, so expect some more studies! Oh, and please critique! My art needs a serious kick in the butt, as you can see! XP
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    Hi, welcome to CA
    Try to break down whatever you're drawing into simple 3D shapes - such a cube, cylinder etc. I look forward to seeing more studies

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    Heh, I know what you mean with the mindless anime drawings, instead of learning the basics, exactly what I did for ages
    I like what you posted so far, good start. Loomis is a great choice, helped me a lot!
    Just try to do some studies on a daily basis, the more the better, and never give up.
    Good luck!

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    @lohes Thank you! I'm having a hard time breaking things down into shapes- I've been trying but to no avail! Does anyone have any exercises that might help me improve in that field?

    @Lyraina Haha, I'm sure a lot of artists have that problem! XD I've looked through some of the pdfs online and they're really great! I can't wait for my copies of these books to arrive!

    Unfortunately, this week has been pretty lame art-wise! I'm pretty hesitant about posting anything since I'm a bit ashamed. But hopefully you guys might be able to help me out!

    There are some quick still lifes- a glass and the tablet pen holder thing Mostly value practice. Also Bridgman skeletons! His sketches are very loose, which is admittedly a bit hard to work with! Shapes practice too

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    Happy Columbus Day!

    Attachment 1340303
    Attachment 1340300
    Attachment 1340304

    Here's some still life's I did! Some stuff that's in my bathroom, a Dragon's Tear and A stack of books

    Attachment 1340295
    Attachment 1340294
    Attachment 1340302
    Attachment 1340301

    Some stuff of my hands and my foot! The first one's messed up XD

    Attachment 1340299
    Attachment 1340296

    Finally, some Loomis heads! I'm getting some of his books but I thought I'd look at some of the pdfs. I think I finally understand what lohes meant by "drawing into simple 3d shapes"! :')

    Anyway, as always, please critique and stuff!

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    Hello ConceptArt!! It's been a while! Anyway, I wanted to try using this thread again because I'm unsatisfied with my general construction skills, and it's high time I go back to the basics! Here's some recent work I've done-- next time I'll post I'll try to show you guys the state of my inanimate objects drawings (it's not pretty lol)
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    Some gestures (done from imagination)

    Name:  IMG_3612.jpg
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    Composition studies... as you can see i have some trouble staying in the box :'P

    Name:  IMG_3150.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_3223.jpg
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    My Grandmas dogs They're very cute!

    Critique would be greatly appreciated!! Hope everyone's having a great day!

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