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  • albino-Z

    24 27.59%
  • Dahlia

    0 0%
  • Eclectix

    0 0%
  • tamirespp

    1 1.15%
  • sepu

    1 1.15%
  • Dranyer

    31 35.63%
  • lkjhgfdsa

    10 11.49%
  • J-Sun

    0 0%
  • ninety9

    1 1.15%
  • silicone

    11 12.64%
  • Dan Schallock

    0 0%
  • thirdeye

    8 9.20%
  • Rob Powell

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    C.O.W.#230, the Swamp God. Voting!

    C.O.W. #230 the Swamp God_Voting!



    Topic: the Swamp God

    Deadline for the voting: October 5th.

    Requirements this week...

    - The creature must reside in a swamp.

    - the creature this week is immobile. Any appendages it may have are not to be used for locomotion.

    - the creature should appear to be "godlike", it creates new species out of itself after all. its up to you to decide how to represent that visually.
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    Artist: albino-Z

    Concept: The Caretaker

    He -the most humble of gods- born in mud, chained in mud, forever humming the faint tune of creation.

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    Artist: Dahlia

    Concept: Larvae Rock

    Once or twice a millennium, this creature awakens and belches forth eggs containing new species, revitalizing its swamp. It then closes its mouth, and returns to dormancy for centuries. Its name comes from its appearance while dormant - no humans have yet witnessed an awakening of the creature.

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    Artist: Eclectix

    Concept: Moorish Architect
    The Moorish Architect is a god of the ancient world. It exists in wet, swampy areas where you find a proliferation of life and death. Creatures of all sorts are drawn to it as they near the end of their natural existence. As they approach, they are consumed by the Moorish Architect. In turn, they are converted into new forms of life. The Moorish Architect is so named because it fashions its environment by tailoring the life forms it creates to maintain a balance in the ecosystem.

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    First COW ever

    [*B]Artist: [*COLOR=White]tamirespp[/COLOR]

    Concept: [*COLOR=White]Lithogod[/COLOR]

    Moist and filled with life as your abitat, this creature takes form in one of the most ignored form of life: the fungus. And by having such simple characteristics, it can derive to create unique and complex life.
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    Artist: sepu

    Concept: Swamp Daughter of Shubb-Niggurath

    One of thousand children of black goat goddess, this delicate creature resides hidden shyly in her swamp, producing thousands children herself to protect her dwelling from unwanted visitors.
    growing unnatural big and becoming tired with her swollen tentacled body, she became immobile, and fell deep under the surface of swamp, to witch she reaches with her tentacles, spreading her brood.

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    Artist: Dranyer

    Concept: The Bog Leviathan
    deep at the heart of one of the densest swamps on earth there lives a creature which appears from a distance to be a small mountain. judging by the thickness of the vegetation that has accumulated on it's surface it's clear that it has lived there for millions of years, never moving, perpetually creating new creatures to populate the swamp. to disseminate these new species the leviathan encases the creatures in viscous globes and sends them into the water where the globes eventually dissolve allowing the new creatures to venture forth into the swamp.
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    Artist: lkjhgfdsa

    Concept: Chondrodite
    Troll gods are few and far between since the titans failed against the ursurping of the new gods.
    Still, they serve a purpose to these rebels yet - their legendary fecundity often springs forth huge swamplands that teem with new life for the gods to control and distort.
    The word ‘anarchy’ comes from the ancient Greek αναρχία in which αν meant ‘without’ and αρχία meant first a military ‘leader’ and then ‘ruler’. Anarchist society is one ‘without rulers’: a classless, non-hierarchical society.
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    Artist: J-Sun

    Concept: Mother Mah'zul
    It is said the at great demon beast Mahzulian was spawned from the God-like creature accordingly named the Mother Mah'zul. Extremely rare, these astonishingly fertile creatures reside in the deepest reaches of the most remote swamplands. They periodically emanate a phosphorescent halo-like glow which many explorers of the deep bogs have mistaken for "swamp gas". This glow, in part serves to attract varieties of local fauna, the genetic material of which the Mother Mah'zul is somehow able to recombine, replicate and ultimately create and birth entirely new life forms which rupture forth from various glowing orifices...

    C.O.W.#230, the Swamp God. Voting!
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    Artist: ninety9

    Concept: The Swamp God

    One of a rare breed of true gods regarding their ability to create and breed life is the so called Swamp God.
    To the people, that have been lucky to witness the lifecreating process of this gigantic creature, it is known only by its common name of "swamp god".
    Nothing do these unilluminied humans about what is behind these breathtaking creatures that populate the swamps they life in, nor can any of the wise remember anything about their first appearance - they seem to have been always there.

    Do not let the plant-like appearance of the Swamp God fool you because this is an organism incomparable:
    the actual "god" is a mutating microorganism similar to a common worm wich can adpot to every living material it gets in contact with -
    on molecular basis the "god" absorbs DNA and recreates living parts to build up his "shell" wich is in most cases a
    rotten tree stump or a creature´s corpse. It grows appendages and digs its mycorrhiza-like nervepaths deeper into the swamp.
    These creatures never ever move again after having found their first and base part of the shell wich in most cases builds the head part of the later outer appearance of the creature.
    When the years pass by the creature becomes fully immobilized, often bound to the ground by vegetation and creepers.

    These creatures do not mate but recreate their DNA by absorbing and manipulating DNA they find around them wich results in a rich fauna
    since quite often "offsprings" are mutated new breeds of creatures. Only once in a while the Swamp God recreates its own actual DNA to clone itself.
    Hanging underneath its trunk, follicles ripen like fat swollen apples until they fall off, open and give life to fascinating new creatures
    that populate the swamp and guard their creator, their god - the Swamp God.

    sorry for my lack of writing proper english and providing such a fat chunk of text - but i felt like i had to add adetailed description.

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    Snapping Turtle Swamp God

    Artist: silicone

    Concept: mother snapping-turtle

    In the foggy depths of the murky swamps of New Zealand dwells a creature of giant proportions. The natives of the land refer to this creature as the god of the swamp. Its ovaries are the size of a man and they produce thousands of eggs each day, filling the swamp with lifeforms which in return, feed the giant god who is eternally bonded to the swampy mangroves.
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    cow 230 Gorzog Swamp God

    Artist: Dan Schallock

    Concept: Gorzog Swamp God
    Gorzog is an elemental. A creature of the swamp, he is part earth, rock, tree and animal. At the water’s edge, his flesh oozes with the mud between the roots of trees and blends seamlessly with the algae. From above, obsidian like eyes spear the water sending shafts of darkness edged with golden light. And a soft sucking sound not unlike that of a toilet plunger signals his breathing. He is alive.

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    Artist: thirdeye

    Concept: Ke'shaunn

    "Ke'shaunn" means light or moving light in Dashtaun language. But it's only the pronunciation, a little differently put stress on the second syllable "kesha'unn" that differentiates it from Dashtaun word for "creator"...So here it is...a light that creates, playfully twinkling in the depts of Dashian swamps lurking travelers, guiding them home and giving hope to the lost. This - by many belived to be mythical - creature, is the creator of life on the swamps of this jungle covered planet.
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    Artist: Rob Powell

    Concept: Swamp Queen

    She is supported by the trees, and she lays the eggs of life. From the eggs hatches many creatures who shall eternally worship her might.
    Attachment 1331892
    Art is not about competing against others and being better than everyone else, but it is about competing against yourself and discovering your greatest potential!

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    I have to say these are SICK!

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