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    hehe well man... i feel you in a lot of those things you said. but you need to stop doing this for others. do it to satisfy your own standards... and if you succeed at that and still are unhappy... raise them.

    do post those wips of the dog, and the troll and whatever else... you didnt do it to feed us in the first place... why start now? you (and we) are doing this for YOUR growth, take it or leave it, but stop with this attitude of making excuses.

    good thing your client wants what you were heading for... yet thats a conscious decission.... thats something worth going for. if not confronted with them by someone else you seem to avoid them entirely. we cant impose those on you... we re just some strangers on a forum. we can tell you another 100 times to plan ahead, avoid certain pitfalls, etc. its on you to decide you do or dont use it, but do/dont for a reason!

    you probably cant get by on the long run, by avoiding decissions.

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